Welcome to Austin, Bulldogs!

The University of Georgia Class of 2021 will send a wave of red and black from coast to coast when they depart the Classic City. With the help of alumni across the country, we curated guides to a few cities to which new grads may move to when they leave the Classic City. Welcome to the city, Bulldogs!  

Austin, Texas, is the Lone Star State’s capital city and is home to both the largest urban bat colony in North America and the University of Texas. Located in the center of the state, the city’s up-and-coming tech industry is surrounded by a vibrant outdoor scene. Austin residents and UGA alumni Ryan Carty (ABJ 09, MED 13) and Sara Robertson (ABJ 99) share a few tips for Bulldogs who want to “keep Austin weird.” 

Favorite part about living in Austin.

“Austin is a vibrant city full of young professionals eager to meet new people and make friends. The tech industry is booming here, and I’ve connected with other people who work in the industry. I also enjoy the outdoors. You can often find people running along the river, paddle boarding or kayaking on the lake or going for a hike. And you can’t forget that it’s the live music capital of the world!” – Ryan  

How do you spend a free day in Austin? 

A free day in Austin would start with coffee and breakfast tacos before a dip at Deep Eddy pool. After swimming, I’d be ready for lunch, which means more tacos. Afternoons are best spent out of the heat and sun, so I’d head to Book People or the Blanton Museum. After feeling re-energized, I’d be ready for dinner on an outdoor patio, which would mean more tacos and definitely a margarita or two. The Austin experience must include live music, so I would end this day by attending a taping of the iconic Austin City Limits television show.” – Sara  

The Texas State Capitol is located in Austin, Texas.

What makes Austin special? 

“Austin is special because there is something for everyone to enjoy. I think it’s best for people who are open to new experiences and meeting people unlike any others they’ve ever met before.” – Ryan  

I’ve observed Austin go through several booms and busts, but there has always been an underlying creative and entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation and optimism.” – Sara  

One thing people may not know about Austin. 

“Austin’s real estate market is growing at a rapid rate, and Austin has the most expensive cost of living in Texas. Budget accordingly if you decide to move here.” – Ryan

Austin has a lot of work to do regarding equity and advancing social issues. There is a lot of room for more civic engagement. Luckily, there are endless way to be involved and make a difference.” – Sara  

Austin’s best cup of coffee.

“Jo’s Coffee.” – Sara  

 Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden.” – Ryan 

Favorite park or green space in Austin. 

Zilker Park, Krause Springs, Sculpture Falls, Barton Creek, Lady Bird Lake and Lake Travis. –Ryan   

Best place to catch live music in the live music capital of the world?

Hole in the Wall or Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater.” – Sara 

Austin’s must-see sights.

“The ATX sign on Fifth Street and North Lamar Boulevard, historic Sixth Street and Rainey Street’s bungalow bars” – Ryan  

Austin city is known for its _____. 

“Outdoor scene!” – Ryan  

“Food and music!” – Sara  

Advice for a Bulldog new to Austin.

Register to vote and meet your councilperson. Get to know the local business owners in your neighborhood and support them with your business. A great way to meet new people is to volunteer with a nonprofit organization or join a networking organization.” – Sara  

“Live near the areas you frequent most, whether that’s downtown, your favorite park or a body of water. – Ryan  

To connect with the Austin Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, you can follow along on Facebook (Austin Dawgs) and Instagram (@austin_dawgs).



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Welcome to Chicago, Bulldogs!

The University of Georgia Class of 2021 will send a wave of red and black from coast to coast when they depart the Classic City. With the help of alumni across the country, we curated guides to a few cities to which new grads may move to when they leave the Classic City. Welcome to the city, Bulldogs!  

Set against the backdrop of Lake Michigan and a host of architectural gems, Chicago is a feast for the eyes. The third-largest city in America boasts a bustling restaurant scene, world-renowned museums and plenty of history. Michael Lyons (BBA ’15), president of the UGA Alumni Chicago Chapter, Amber Wallin (ABJ ’13), Dana Todd (ABJ ’92), and Nisha Katti (AB ’16, ABJ ’16) share tips to help Bulldogs make the most of life in the Windy City.

Favorite part about living in Chicago.

“I like living in a big city that has a neighborhood feel, the influence that many cultures have left on the city, and the imprint of early 1900 American retail and steel companies.” – Michael

“It was hard leaving Athens after graduation, but then you realize that Chicago, with its varied neighborhoods, feels like a collection of small towns. It’s beautiful forming neighborhood camaraderie!” – Nisha

How do you spend a free day in Chicago?

“I love the downtown area, and I love taking visitors around to see the various buildings and art museums. I also love taking the architectural boat tour down the river. Chicago’s architecture is just gorgeous, and once you start learning the history you see so much more than just glass and steel.” – Dana

“On a warm day, I like biking around the city to favorite coffee spots and local shops and ending the day on the lakefront with a picnic overlooking the city.” – Michael

“Breweries (favorites: Lake Effect Brewery, Lagunitas, Begyle Brewing), beer on my back patio, or beer and elotes in Humboldt Park. Also, 100% the architecture boat tour! In the winter, it’s nice to snuggle up somewhere like Kibbitznest for hot drinks, board games, and books or take in warmth and greenery at the beautiful (and free) Garfield Park Conservatory. Remember to always make a donation, though!” – Nisha

What makes Chicago special?

“Chicago combines the best of Midwest benefits (affordability, nice people, middle of the country, accessible by many transportation options) with big-city benefits like great public transit, lots of jobs, arts and culture, and lots of universities.” – Dana

“We don’t put ketchup on our hot dogs.” – Michael

“It’s walkable, it’s accessible by public transit, it’s infinitely parkable (download SpotHero now!), and it’s a major American city. How is that even possible?” – Nisha

Built in 1921, The Chicago Theatre, originally known as the Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre, is a landmark theater located on North State Street in the Loop area of Chicago.

One thing people may not know about Chicago.

“Chicago is an amazing city for comedy and comedians, like me.” – Amber

“In the winter, there is a widely-accepted ‘dibs’ rule. If you’ve dug your car out of the snow, you can save that spot for when you return. Empty spots are held by placing household objects, like patio furniture or vacuums, in parking spots during the day. It’s common to go down a block during a cold February morning and see holes in two feet of snow with a lonesome patio chair.” – Michael

“The best view of the city is from Museum campus, near the Shedd Aquarium. I like to go at night when the museums are closed and there’s no traffic and street park down there!” – Nisha

Chicago’s best cup of coffee?

“Dollop or Intellgentsia.” – Amber

Dark Matter.” – Michael

Favorite local park.

“Millennium Park, of course! There’s also a cool sculpture park near Skokie.” – Dana

“Garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park, Garfield Conservatory, Oz Park.” – Michael

“Humboldt Park, hands down. There are so many hidden nooks, swan paddle boats, elotes and fresh mango sold by vendors, and plenty of space to picnic.” – Nisha

The waterfront along the Chicago River boasts views of Chicago’s unique architecture.

Best place to catch live music.

“West Side bars like Cobra Lounge have underground and punk bands. For big performances in a huge park, go to Ravinia Park. City Winery has mainstream jazz and singers … there’s something for everyone here.” – Dana

“Chicago is the birthplace of house music and home to a lot of jazz. Kingston Mines is perfect for a night of jazz, ad Smart Bar features local house artists every weekend.” – Michael

“I love B.L.U.E.S., the Green Mill Lounge, and the California Clipper!” – Nisha

Chicago’s must-see sites.

“The Chicago Cultural Center is an overlooked gem. It has permanent and rotating art exhibits of important Chicago culture and artists.” – Amber

The Bean, also called Cloud Gate.” – Dana

“The Garfield Park Conservatory, the murals in Pilsen, and Palmisano Park (which has transformed from coral reefs to quarry to landfill to park)!” – Nisha

Chicago is known for its _____.

“Cold winters, but more importantly, perfect summers.” – Michael

“Wind! Block parties! Chicago-style hot dogs!” – Nisha

Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean is a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor. It is the centerpiece of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park.

Favorite Chicago Alumni Chapter event.

“Game-watching parties at Highline Bar + Lounge are my favorite and they attract up to 450 people. It’s fun to cheer on the Dawgs with a crowd so far from home.” – Michael

Advice for a Bulldog new to Chicago.

“Buy a winter coat and a shovel! And get ready to taste some of the most incredible food in your life.” – Amber

“Don’t be afraid of the buses and trains. They are the best way to get around the city, and the bus drivers are trained to be helpful if you want to know where something is. If you have a free day, get on an L and just let yourself go everywhere to get acquainted with the neighborhoods.” – Dana

“Don’t be scared of South and West Chicago. Educate yourself on the history of geographical segregation and gentrification of the city and appreciate the history and beauty of neighborhoods outside of the Loop and the North side. I have a special fondness for the Northwest side, specifically the Six Corners district of Portage Park. Also, don’t bother with umbrellas, but invest in a good down coat that resembles a hooded sleeping bag.” – Nisha

To keep up with the Chicago Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, you can follow along on Facebook (Chicago Dawgs), Instagram (@chicagodawgs), Twitter (@dawgschicago) and LinkedIn.

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Welcome to Denver, Bulldogs!

The University of Georgia Class of 2021 will send a wave of red and black from coast to coast when they depart the Classic City. With the help of alumni across the country, we curated guides to a few cities to which new grads may move to when they leave the Classic City. Welcome to the city, Bulldogs!  

Denver, Colorado, combines natural beauty with city attractions. With six professional sports teams, a walkable downtown and proximity to the mountains, Colorado’s capital city brings is a modern-day metropolis set against the backdrop of the Wild West. President of the UGA Alumni Association Colorado Chapter Linda Fernekes (BS 05) shares her advice for thriving in the Mile High City.

Favorite part about living in Denver.

My favorite part of living in Denver is the weather. You can’t beat the 300 days of sunshine! 

How do you spend a free day in Denver? 

If it’s winter, I’d head up to the mountains for a day of skiing. The rest of the year, I’d head to a rooftop or patio to enjoy some coffee or a local Colorado brew.

What makes Denver special? 

Denver has all the benefits of a large city (a great restaurant scene, world class museums, multiple professional sports teams) while being close to mountains to escape it all.”  

Larimer Square is a historic block in Denver, Colorado. It was the city’s first designated local historic district.

One thing people may not know about Denver.

There are still signs of the Wild West. Each year, longhorn steer parade through downtown to mark the beginning of the National Western Stock Show.” 

Best cup of coffee in Denver.

The Bardo Coffee House. 

Favorite restaurants in Denver.

“Fruition Restaurant, La Loteria Taqueria, Izakaya Den, Tavernetta, Angelo’s Taverna. 

Fa vorite park in Denver.

Washington Park.” 

Denver’s best spot for live music.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre.” 

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an open-air amphitheatre built into a rock structure in the western United States, near Morrison, Colorado, ten miles west of Denver.

Denver’s must-see sights. 

Denver Art Museum, History Colorado Center, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Gardens. 

Denver is known for its _____. 

“Green chili.”

What is your favorite Colorado Chapter event for alumni?

“My favorite alumni event is SEC Ski Day. It’s great to get all the schools together for a day of tailgating and skiing. 

Name a well-known UGA graduate who lives in or is from your city?

“Knowshon Moreno (M 10), who was a running back for the Denver Broncos.”

Advice for a Bulldog new to Denver.

Connect with our alumni chapter. We typically hold several events throughout the year, so there is sure to be one that interests you. Events are a great way to meet other local alumni.”

To connect with the Colorado Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, you can follow along on Facebook (Colorado Dawgs), Instagram (@codawgs) and Twitter (@Denver Dawgs). 

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Welcome to Orlando, Bulldogs!

The University of Georgia Class of 2021 will send a wave of red and black from coast to coast when they depart the Classic City. With the help of alumni across the country, we curated guides to a few cities to which new grads may move to when they leave the Classic City. Welcome to the city, Bulldogs!  

With attractions like Disneyworld, Universal Studios and SeaWorld, the city of Orlando brings magic and fun to the Sunshine State. But there’s more to “the City Beautiful” than theme parks. Amanda Morris (BSED ’19), president of the UGA Alumni Association Orlando Chapter, shares her top picks for O-Town.

Favorite part about living in Orlando.

“There’s always something to do and something going on. You can check out seasonal festivals at EPCOT, concerts at Universal, a farmers market in Kissimmee, an Orlando Magic game downtown or a brewery in Winter Garden!”

What makes Orlando special?

“Orlando is full of new people and new experiences. Everything is constantly evolving, and you can do something different every weekend.”

The Orange County Convention Center is located in Orlando.

One thing people may not know about Orlando.

“It’s not just theme parks—Orlando is a huge city. So it’s easy to escape the touristy parts and find something unique nearby. The beaches are close, and there are lots of cool things to do out in nature, like kayak at a spring with manatees.”

Orlando’s best cup of coffee.

“Craft & Common, Paloma, Foxtail, Axum Coffee, New General, Holy Grain, and Stardust Video and Coffee.”

Where to grab a bite to eat.

“The Whole Enchilada, Seito Sushi, Yellow Dog Eats, Sanaa, Bosphorous, Domu, The Glass Knife, Canvas, Hawkers Asian Street Fair, or Black Bean Deli.”

Favorite local park or green space.

“Lake Louisa, Blue Spring, Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve, Dr. Phillips Park, Southern Hill Farms.”

Orlando residents enjoy proximity to the beach.

Must-see sights in Orlando.

“Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Orlando Museum of Art, the Wheel at ICON Park, Church Street Station, Disney Springs, East End Market, and Plant Street Market.”

Favorite Orlando Chapter alumni event?

“At Feast on the Fifty, UGA alumni in Orlando get together at Camping World Stadium to serve food and drinks and have a spirit competition! I also love our alumni tailgate with the Jacksonville Chapter for the Georgia-Florida football game.”

Best place in Orlando to watch the Bulldogs play on a Saturday in Athens?

The Porch in Winter Park has great food and a great game day atmosphere. They’re also dog-friendly outside.”

Orlando is home to several amusement parks, including Universal Studios.

Name a well-known UGA graduate who lives in or is from Orlando?

“Orlando is home to Eric Baker (ABJ ’90), creative director of Star War: Galaxy’s Edge, and Pamela Landwirth (AB ’73), CEO and president of Give Kids the World.”

Advice for Bulldogs new to Orlando.

“There’s always something to do in Orlando, and it’s easy to meet new people! Consider joining a Bulldogs After Business Hours happy hour event or a game-watching party to meet new people. Get out and explore all the amazing fun things Orlando has to offer, both in theme parks and not!”

To keep up with the Orlando Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, you can follow along on Facebook (UGA Orlando Alum), Instagram (@uga_orlandoalum) and Twitter (@UGAOrlandoAlum).

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Welcome to Savannah, Bulldogs!

The University of Georgia Class of 2021 will send a wave of red and black from coast to coast when they depart the Classic City. With the help of alumni across the country, we curated guides to a few cities to which new grads may move to when they leave the Classic City. Welcome to the city, Bulldogs!  

Savannah, Georgia, is known for its rich history, natural beauty, and for being an economic hub with a small-town feel. Entangled with Spanish moss and drenched in the history of the American South, a Bulldog can explore Savannah’s network of city squares or cruise the estuaries of coastal Georgia. UGA alumni Lindsey Wilmot (ABJ ’11), Jason Jones (AB ’01) and Ann McGuire Lerch (ABJ ’97) share how Bulldogs can feel welcome in the Hostess City of the South.

Favorite part about living in Savannah

“Savannah has everything you could want — a downtown with shopping and restaurants, the beach nearby and rivers.” – Lindsey

“Savannah has a variety of settings like the marshes and rivers, the ocean and beach and historic neighborhoods. It’s perfect for urban life, island life or country life.” – Ann

How do you spend a free day in Savannah?

“Out on the boat.” – Jason

“Going to the beach or downtown for brunch and shopping.” – Lindsey

Savannah’s riverfront boasts views of the Savannah River and ships traveling to the Port of Savannah.

What makes Savannah special?

“The weather is usually great year-round, so there are lots of opportunity to get outdoors.” – Lindsey

“There is so much preserved history and beauty in Savannah and the surrounding areas. From before the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement, Savannah has played a big part in history.” – Ann

One thing people may not know about Savannah.

“There is no open-container law within the downtown historic district. You can enjoy a to-go cocktail and walk about!” – Ann

Savannah’s best cup of coffee?

The Coffee Fox.“– Jason

“Franklin’s.” – Ann

“Blends.” – Lindsey

What are your favorite local parks?

“Forsyth Park.” – Jason

Monterey Square and Madison Square.” – Ann

Tybee Island’s Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.” – Lindsey

The fountain in Forsyth Park is surrounded by green space and walking paths.

Best place to catch live music in Savannah.

“Victory North.” – Jason

“The Lucas Theatre.” – Ann

Savannah is known for its _____.

“Southern hospitality.” – Jason

“Annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.” – Lindsey

Favorite in-person alumni event hosted by your alumni chapter.

“I enjoy the UGA night at historic Grayson Stadium for a Savannah Bananas baseball game.” – Ann

Where do Bulldogs go when it’s Saturday in Athens?

“Coach’s Corner.” – Jason

“B&D Burgers Downtown.” – Lindsey

Located on Georgia’s coast, residents of Savannah can spend time exploring Georgia’s marshes and rivers.

Name a well-known UGA graduate who lives in or is from Savannah?

“Uga, UGA’s mascot” – Ann

“Sonny Seiler (BBA ’56, JD ’57), the owner of Ugas through the years” – Jason

Advice for a Bulldog new to Savannah?

“Put on some walking shoes and get lost exploring the historic district of Savannah.” – Jason

“Join clubs like the local UGA Alumni Chapter or local gyms. People are friendly, and after a while you’ll make new friends and recognize familiar faces. Savannah is a small town. Everyone knows everyone.” – Lindsey

“Explore downtown and Tybee Island, join one of the many young professional groups like the Telfair Museum’s William Jay Society or the Metropolitan Rotary, and attend as many Savannah Alumni Chapter events as you can for networking with alumni of all ages and professional backgrounds.” – Ann

To keep up with the Savannah Area Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, you can follow along on Facebook (UGA Alumni Savannah Chapter), Instagram (@ugasavalumni) and Twitter (@SavannahUGAAlum).

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Welcome to New York City, Bulldogs!

The University of Georgia Class of 2021 will send a wave of red and black from coast to coast when they depart the Classic City. With the help of alumni across the country, we curated guides to a few cities to which new grads may move to when they leave the Classic City. Welcome to the city, Bulldogs!  

New York City is the city that never sleeps, but if a Bulldog can make it there, a Bulldog can make it anywhere. UGA alumnae Aisha Washington (ABJ ’09) and Mallory O’Brien (ABJ ’12), president of UGA’s New York City Alumni Chapter, share how they’ve made it in NYC—and how Bulldogs new to the city can, too.

Favorite part about living in New York City.

“You have nearly everything at your fingertips at nearly every hour of the day. If I want soup dumplings at 3 a.m., I can make that happen. If I want to wait in line to catch a taping of “Saturday Night Live,” it’s a subway ride away. If I want to see the world’s finest art, I walk through the park to The Metropolitan Museum of Art.” – Mallory

“The people and the access. My favorite bar, coffee shop, friends and grocery store are all walkable. Neighbors look out for each other and there’s just so much to explore – music, art, food, all of it.” – Aisha

What makes New York City special?

“Diversity is welcomed and embraced. You never feel like an outcast here.” – Mallory

One thing people may not know about New York City?

“There are lots of great parks to enjoy all over the city. It’s just an easy subway ride to the beach. Rockaway is my favorite.” – Aisha

NYC’s best cup of coffee.

“I am loyal to the baristas at Pomme Palais, a chic coffee shop within the Lotte New York Palace hotel.” – Mallory

“Café Social 68.” – Aisha

Favorite parks or green spaces.

“A close second to Central Park is Gantry Plaza State Park, a park across the East River in Long Island City. The views of Manhattan are unbeatable!” – Mallory

“Tompkins Square Park, Prospect Part, Governors Island.” – Aisha

Best place to catch live music.

“Oh dear, how do I narrow this down? Anywhere from the subway stations to the Metropolitan Opera. Whether it’s on a rooftop or in a theatre, there are plenty of free and ticketed events to see while in NYC.” – Mallory

Brooklyn Steel.” – Aisha

Must-see sites in NYC.

“The 9/11 Memorial & Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tenement Museum, Times Square.” – Mallory

“The Museum of Modern Art, Central Park and The Highline elevated park.” – Aisha

NYC is known for its _____.

“Energy! It’s the city that never sleeps, and that’s for sure.” – Mallory

“Food!” – Aisha

Favorite event hosted by the NYC Dawgs Alumni Chapter.

“Each year, we host a Welcome to the City event at Brooklyn Brewery. It’s a great way for new folks to make connections and the ones who have been around the opportunity to bestow their wisdom.” – Mallory

Best place in NYC to watch the Bulldogs play on a Saturday in Athens?

“Absolutely nothing compares to game days at American Whiskey. Every Saturday during football season, it attracts the most spirited crowd to watch the Dawgs.” – Mallory

“American Whiskey is the official bar, but smaller groups spin off and pop up all over. Just check in with some alumni friends!” – Aisha

Advice for a Bulldog new to the Big Apple?

“It’s a big city, but you have a built-in community ready to make it feel like home. Whether it’s best places to eat, live in the city, companies to apply for, volunteer, or explore – we’ve got you! Buckle up for some of the most bizarre, captivating and memorable years of your life.” – Mallory

“Stay open to new experiences! Take people up if they offer to introduce you to someone they know in the city. Don’t be afraid to be the new person somewhere. You might meet some lifelong best friends that way.” – Aisha

To keep up with the New York City Chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, you can follow along on Facebook (NYC Dawgs), Instagram (@NYCDawgs) and Twitter (@nyc_dawgs).

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How to be a Bulldog in the Sunshine State

You can commit to the G no matter where you live, but Bulldogs living in Florida may have to work a bit harder to represent the red and black. We asked a few Florida-based Dawgs for tips on how they show their UGA spirit amid a sea of Gator orange.

Wear your Georgia gear proudly and often.

Whether you’re relaxing on one of Florida’s beaches or waiting in line at Disney World, red and black is a must. You’re sure to spot another Bulldog in the crowd when you do!

Find a fellow Bulldog to watch games with. 

When it’s Saturday in Athens and you’re wishing you could be between the hedges, team up with other alumni to cheer on the Bulldogs. UGA alumni chapters make this easy by hosting game-watching parties in several Florida cities.

Order a taste of Athens to your Florida doorstep. 

Whether you’re craving a cup of Jittery Joe’s coffee or missing the legendary biscuits from Mama’s Boy, many Athens-based companies will ship your favorite treats to the Sunshine State. 

Travel to Jacksonville for the Georgia-Florida football game. 

Even if you don’t have tickets to the game, this big game is the perfect opportunity to reunite with Bulldogs you’ve missed. It’s also a chance to show your Florida friends what “committing to the G” is all about.

Dress your dog in a UGA bandana when you go for a walk. 

Because nothing says “Go Dawgs” like a dog representing the red and black.  

Join your local Alumni Chapter.  

Don’t reminisce about Athens alone—find your Alumni Chapter to connect with other UGA grads for game-watching parties and other networking and community service events.  

Purchase a voucher for a UGA license plate in Florida. 

We don’t suggest honking every time you see a UGA sticker on the highway, but we do recommend adding some UGA swag to your car with a UGA specialty license plate. Before the state of Florida will offer a UGA specialty license plate, though, 4,000 plates must be pre-sold by October 2022. Own multiple cars? Purchase a voucher for each one and help us reach 4,000 soon!


And finally: never, ever, ever wear orange.  


Thank you to Orlando Alumni Chapter President Amanda Morris (BSED ’19), for her help with this post!

UGA alumni at The Home Depot come together to endow scholarship

The University of Georgia Corporate Alumni Chapter at The Home Depot is composed of a group of alumni who are very proud of their Bulldog roots. Beyond their fond memories at UGA, they have a collective, deep-seated belief that their education at the University of Georgia was instrumental in getting them to where they are today 

With that in mind, in 2017, they decided to embark on an ambitious project of creating an endowed need-based scholarship to open doors and remove barriers for students who wanted to attend UGA. 

“For many, college is financially out of reach. They never get to experience a Thursday night in Athens, collegiate friendships that stand the test of time, or the feeling of accomplishment come graduation day,” said Wes Neece (BBA ’00) Vice President of Merchandising at The Home Depot“It was important to me to join in this initiative with my fellow alumni colleagues to give a worthy individual a lifetime of experiences.” 

The collective fundraising effort spanned three years. During this time, the Chapter hosted lunch and learn events featuring UGA faculty and staff speakers and breakfast meet-and-greets to encourage alumni givingIn support of its employees, The Home Depot Foundation matched the gifts these alumni made 

Home depot logo with UGA swag

In 2020, their hard work paid off: The Chapter met their goal to create an endowed need-based scholarshipIn total, 75 alumni came together to create this opportunity for UGA students. A deserving scholar was selected in Fall 2020. The Home Depot Alumni Chapter Scholarship will last in perpetuity, helping students become part of the Bulldog family.  

Although they met their goal, these Bulldog alums didn’t stop there. Chapter members are continuing to add to the scholarship fund by giving their annual gift to UGA through The Home Depot Alumni Chapter Scholarship, in order to increase its impact for the student recipients.  

“It was incredibly heartwarming to watch The Home Depot’s Corporate Alumni Chapter set a goal to help a current Bulldog in need and continue to work towards the finish line until they not only met that goal but surpassed it,” said Stacy Stanford, Director of Corporate Relations at UGA. Their generosity as an alumni corporate chapter is inspiring. 

2019 Welcome to the City: A Recap

This summer, UGA Alumni Chapters across the country hosted Welcome to the City events. During these annual gatherings, Bulldogs come together to welcome new alumni to their area. The Bulldog family is always growing, and our chapters did a great job of making sure Bulldogs Never Bark Alone, wherever they go.

“What was memorable about this year’s event was the number of new faces. Some Bulldogs have been in the city for a couple years, but had no clue there was an active chapter. Others were as new as three days in Chicago,” says Michael Lyons, Chicago Chapter president.

There are more than 80 alumni chapters worldwide, so there’s almost always an opportunity to connect with fellow alumni through them. Stephen Scates, Charleston Chapter president, says, “There is a huge Dawg presence here in the low country, and we are blessed to never have to bark alone while so far away from Athens.”

Check out our photo gallery of this year’s Welcome to the City events:

Interested in connecting with Bulldogs in your area? Find your local UGA Alumni Chapter today!

Interested in helping out UGA students, on your schedule? Sign up for the UGA Mentor Program.


Bringing UGA to Charleston and Savannah

On May 21 and May 22, the UGA Alumni Association brought Athens to Savannah and Charleston to remind local alumni that their Bulldog community is wherever they are.

Want to see what the night was all about? Check out our Instagram highlights of both receptions:


We kicked things off at the Perry Lane Hotel on its Peregrin Rooftop. Over 150 alumni and friends joined us for a memorable evening overlooking historic Savannah.

UGA alumni and friends converse on Perry Lane Hotel's rooftop.

While we were greeted with high temperatures, the stunning venue and an amazing turnout meant great conversations took place between Savannah alumni–from those who grew up there to those who had lived there for only a few weeks.

UGA Alumni and friends gather at the Perry Lane Hotel overlooking historic Savannah.

Nothing finer than a rooftop full of 150 new friends in red and black, right?

UGA Alumni from Savannah pose for a photo.

View Savannah Photo Gallery



The next evening in Charleston we greeted local alumni with air conditioning, and shrimp and grits in part of the renowned Cigar Factory called The Cedar Room.

UGA alumni and friends gather in the Cedar Room in Charleston, SC.

Behind the scenes, our Charleston Alumni Chapter President Stephen Scates filmed a shout-out for our Instagram story highlight (linked to above).

UGA Charleston Chapter President Stephen Scates records a video for Instagram.

Executive Director of Alumni Relations Meredith Gurley Johnson (BSFCS ’00, MED ’16) shared news from campus, including announcing the UGA Mentor Program, a university-wide mentorship program that will connect students with alumni (alumni can begin signing up in mid-June).

Executive Director Meredith Gurley Johnson presents at UGA in Low Country event.

Somewhere between the giphy station and tacos, the Bulldog community in the Low Country grew a little closer. If you missed either of these receptions, make sure you’re aware of future events by signing up for your local chapter listserv on the Savannah or Charleston chapter pages.

Reception attendee laughs during remarks.

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Upcoming Events

Looking for the next fun chance to connect with fellow Bulldogs? The Savannah Chapter will host a UGA Night at the Savannah Bananas on July 16. The Charleston Chapter is hitting the water with their third annual sunset cruise on June 14 with local BBQ catered by Home Team–sign up today so you don’t miss out!