Senior Signature

The first Senior Signature plaque was hung in 1991 with just a few hundred signatures. Today, thousands of graduating students make a difference by donating a minimum of $30 to the university. This gift includes a chance for students to designate a portion of the gift to any school, college, department, program, or scholarship that has enhanced their UGA experience.

The deadline to give for all undergraduate and graduate students who graduate in May, August and December 2023 is March 31, 2023.


329 gifts to date

“I chose this fund because I am a first-generation college student and it means a lot to give back to future first-generation students.”

“Being a leader in Greek life during my time at UGA has changed and shaped me as a person. I will forever be grateful for UGA Greek life and the leadership opportunities it has given me.”

“As a Black student, I see that the future is bright for all people of color and want to contribute to future successes of those entering after me.”

“I chose to donate because without the animal and dairy science department, I would have never found my true passion for the dairy industry or met all of my best friends!”

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As a Senior Signature donor, your gift will impact the area of the university most meaningful to you—such as a school or college, causes you’re passionate about, or a campus organization. To say thank you for your generosity, all Senior Signature donors will be recognized on the Senior Signature plaque in Tate Plaza.


Many of the resources and events you’ve experienced as a student were made possible by previous senior gifts. Through Senior Signature, you’ll give the gift of tradition to your peers for years to come.


The Class Gift is a giving initiative coordinated by the Student Alumni Council that empowers each graduating class to make their mark on UGA. Each time a donor gives to Senior Signature, a portion of that donation supports the Class Gift—a grant that UGA student organizations can apply for. Each year’s Senior Signature donors vote to determine which group receives the funding.

The process to submit a proposal for the 2023-2024 academic year will be posted soon. The deadline is February 23, 2023.


Through Senior Signature, you can designate your gift to any initiative on campus. Here are a few areas to consider when making your donation.


  • You join a legacy of students who give back to UGA. More than 25% of graduates donate to UGA through Senior Signature.
  • Your gift directly helps the area of campus to which you’ve designated your contribution, and it provides funds for their most pressing needs.
  • Your vote for the Class Gift creates new opportunities and resources for future generations of Bulldogs.
  • Your name will forever be a part of UGA—housed on a plaque in Tate Plaza for many years to come.

Support a cause or initiative you’re passionate about by making a gift to that area of UGA.

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2023 Virtual Plaque

If you would like to change the way your name appears on the plaque, please email It may take up to three business days for your name to appear after you’ve made your gift.

Emma Ackerman
Kathryn Grant
Madison Reese O’Hara
Jack Van Adams
Madison Gunter
Eric Okanume
Lily Katherine Adams
Bhavya Gupta
Callie Ollis
Ronald Adams, II
Sakeena Haider
Sarah Oney
Sydnee Bianca Troy Adams
Michael Lee Hall
Mallory Osner
Nimra Ahmad
Kathleen Hampton
Madeline Packard
Blake Wesley Ainsworth
Benjamin Hand
Max Pakula
Daphne Alarcon-Torres
Grace Virginia Harbin
Andy Parker
Rebecca Jane Albright
Alexa Casella Hargrove
Mitchell Parris
John Christian Albritton
Nina Harteveld
Anna Caroline Paschall
Betty Alfred
Brooke Haverland
Archie Jayesh Patel
Sarah Amaya
Emma Jane Hayes
Dev D. Patel
Caitlin Grace Apone
Kirsten Head
Karan Patel
Morgan Aspinwall
Grant Hennigar
Mary Caire Payne
Yaovi Avoudikpon
Reagan Elizabeth Henry
Cameron Elizabeth Pearce
Moctar Ayeva
Lytzy Magaly Hernandez
Mackenzie J. Peed
Lilliana Baldwin
Zannah Herndon
Maggie Pennington
Jay Bangle
Natalie Heyward
Willow Brooke Perkins
Alexah Caroline Banks
Samuel R. Hilgeman
Anthony Petti, Jr.
Andrea Banys
Blaire Hilliard
Maddie Pfeifer
Foster Barnard
Harrison Walter Hoch
Duyen T. Pham
Anslee Sue Barnes
Sophie Holley
Alyssa N. Phillips
Alexander Bavosa
Madeleine Hudgins
Madison Polk
Brielle Becker
Brandon Hudson
Dr. Emilee M. Poole ’22
Valentina Bedoya
Elizabeth N. Huff
Reece Ann Portwood
Alison Grace Bennett
Ally Huizer
Brandon Powell
Grant G. Bennett
Pryce Hundley
Laura Jane Powell
Benjamin Blackburn
Emma Allison Hunt
Julia Pownall
Anna R. Bohn
Callen Hunter
Isabel Puthoff
Morgan Boutwell
Olivia Hunter
Dominik “Reptar” Rados
Griffin Boykin
Bushra Huque
Dylan C. Rafferty
Stevie Bramble
Chaitya Jain
Brooke E. Raniere
Colleen Braski
Katie Kennedy James
Caleb Lee Ray
Karlie Marie Bridges
Olivia Ann James
Katie Reed
Kristen Elizabeth Brooks
Jade Jarencio
Michael Patrick Reid
Sydney Nicole Bruce
Lindsay Jason
Grant Resnick
Melanie Erendira Brumley
Rhyan Jenkins
Baylee Marie Reynolds
Abby Katherine Bryant
Jace Johnson
Logan Jack Reynolds
Katelyn Buchanan
Ellie Jones
Madison Rhodes
Lan Thanh Bui
Taylor Elizabeth Jordan
Kaitlyn Roberts
Taylor Wilkes Bunch
Dania Jenna Kalaji
Natalie Roberts
J.D. Burke
Jacob Lawrence Katz
Jessica Diane Rogers
Sarah Burnett
Lowden Kelley
Lauren Aleece Rogers
Natalie Elizabeth Burrow
Sarah Camile Kelley
Meghan I. Rogers
Alberto A. Bustamante, Jr.
Elizabeth Nancy Kelly
Samuel Rothschild
Cole Cannon ’18
Georgei Carsyn Kennedy
Alyce Regina Ryan
Shaely Cannon
Avery Nicole Kerlin
Obamide Samaye
Abigail Grace Cantlay
Kaylee Ann Key
Elifelet Sanchez-Espinosa
Grace Carbonari
Caden Stone Kilby
Sydney Sanders
Christopher Carico
Triston Cace Kilby
Zachary Schamis
Jameson A. Carnegie
Elise Kim
Olivia Schmergel
William Sterling Carter
Gayeon Kim
Savannah Claire Scott
Megan Breanna Cherry
Conor David Krause
Frances Abigail Seavers
Jeon Chevers
Nicholas Kundin
Kathryn Rose Sebaugh
Yuna Kawada Chitea
Nicole LaBarre
Cole Shackelford
Chloe Clark
Heather LaMontagne
Mason L. Sheffield
Lili Q. Cole Clark
Holly Ava Langenderfer
Simren Shetty
Peyton Clark
Emily Grace Lederer
John Luke Shuman
Leighton Clements
Alexandra Mary Lee
Ryan M. Shure
Sophie Coffman
Demi Lehman
Becca Sieckmann
Sophia Coker
Trystan Levao
Megan Silverman
Claire Rose Collier
Bradley M. Leventhal
Brooke Simmons
Caroline Ellis Coomer
Felicia Ling
Alex Skelton
Kelli Rosa Crews
Nicole Liss
Sara Grace Skinner
Michael J. Critchfield
Corey Jackson Loeb
Ava Louise Smith
Jordan Crow
Mark Wesley Loeffler '22
Erin Joy Smith
Josie Cruser
Caleb G. Longenecker
Karley Brooke Smith
Kathryn Maria Cuadra
Jaclyn Renee Lopez
Kaya Lee Smith
Kidus Daniel
Dwiyale Lorquet
Sydney Smith
Ian Alexander Darling
Marianna Mahaffey
Sterling Snape
Nolan William Dasher
Drew Malphrus
Caroline A. Soares Iizuka
Catherine Davies
Isabella Managbanag
Samuel C. Speed
Skylar Deakins
Lillian Maple
Olivia Stephens
Kenzington L. Deal
Bridget Elizabeth Markle
Lucy Stewart
Carson DeBetta
Hannah Nicole Marston
Ian Strande
Kaitlin L. Dees
Jillian Rose Martinko
Hunter Elam Street
Jasmine DeLong
Emma Marzullo
Anna Lindsey Sturtevant
Josephine Nahara Dennis
Delaney Durham Mason
Benjamin Surasky
Jeremi Taylor Dickson
Kathryn Mays
Nadia Talebi
Colton Dixon
Donna Delaney McCallum
Rachel M. Tellano
Evans N. Dodys
Antavious LeShon McCarden
Gracie Thompson
Sena Dogan
Jesse Silas McClure
Kefei Tian
Ingrid Joy Dolvin
Ansley McCraw
Kylie Marie Tobey
Caitlyn D. Dougherty
C. Summer Mccullough
Marianne Emilia Trumpy
Katherine Downing
Luke McLemore
Davis G. Tyler
Benjamin Dozier
Nick Metcalf-Scire
Evan Drake Varnell
Dalton Drury
Amelia Milam
Leanora V. Vermillion
Benjamin Easter
Angelica Millen
Mary Elizabeth Walker
Bailey Cherie Echols
Jack B. Miller
Beau Wallace
Emily Eith
Omnia M. Mohammed Salih
Madison Elizabeth Walsh
Danielle Emefiele
Ashley Rose Moore
Britton Waters
Nancy Escalera Franco
Kate P. Moore
Hanay Waye
Camryn Rebecca Felt
Kayla Moradi
Ashley Katelynn Weller
Anna Ferencie
Alexzandria Moran
Ashley Whitehead
Emma Fernandez
Junlin Morgan
Anna Wiggins
Annalisa Finamore
Katelyn Morgan
Katie Beth Williams
Reagan Rose Finnerty
Hailey Alyssa Mullis
Macy Renée Morris
Madison LeeAnn Flowers
Dakota Mulvihill
Clay Lawson Witt
Claire Laine Fowler
Dour Mohammed Nafea
Haley Olivia Wolf
Madeline Victoria Franz
Julia Nelson
Gabrielle Wood
Jacqueline Marie GaNun
Ashley M. Nemerov
Gregory Mitchell Woolsey
Jazmin Esmeralda Garcia
Reese Nighbert
Rebecca Loren Wray
Robert Kaden Garrard
Karis Nix
Aza Aliyah Wynn
Trinity Gates
Audra Ashley Nobles
Amit Yadav
Mackenzie Brooke Gay
Jade Nowitz
Rose Young
Hannah Maria Gerrick
Sun Mi Ntumba
Genevieve Young
Benjamin Gilbreath
Mutsa Nyamuranga
Evan Michael Zaharchak
Jenna Lorraine Gillis
Kathleen O'Donnell
Audra Jade Zumbach
Wilson Graham
Ryan Kerry O'Donnell

Meagan Grace Abbagnaro
Declan J. Gresham
Jiyea Park
Mona Elia Abboud
Jasmine Liyana Gresham
Jungyeon Park
Yehia Abdelsamad
Alessio M. Griffin
Sohyun Park
Ayah Nagy Abdelwahab
Faith B. Griffin
Asante Parker
Mennah Nagy Abdelwahab
Grant C. Griffin
Chloe Ann Parker
Lynn Jaroush Abdouni
Kasey Griffin
Peyton Blaine Parker
Justin Abes
Katie Rose Griffin
Samuel Rainey Parker
Lorenzo M. Abughazaleh
Laney Sybil Griffin
Cole Michael Parkerson
Jovanna Esperanza Aceves
Lauryn Ellena Griffin
Abigail Julia Parkes
Veronica Achinger
McKenzie Griffin
Alexis Parkes
Rebecca M. Ackerman
Elena Griggs
Mercurii Parks
Annaclaire Acosta
Morgan Griggs
Riley A. Parks
Allison R. Adams
Rachel Grimes
Lillian Parmer
Emily Elizabeth Adams
Sylvia Marie Grimm
Haley Rene Parrish
Evan Adams
Erin Grimmesey
Jonathan T. Parrish
Gabriela Cerventi Adams
Emma Grimsley
Emily Dorn Partridge
Rachel Joy Adams
Andrew Griner
Jesse LeAnn Partridge
Glenn Adamson
Benjamin C. Grisham
Tori Ann Pasquale
Gavin L. Addeo
Zoe Mackena Grogan
Akshar Paresh Patel
Lindsey Jewel Aden
Anna Gronholm
Ankit Rajesh Patel
Matthew Glenn Adent
Thomas Joseph Groover
Anmol Vipul Patel
Shrinidhi Shridhar Adke
Elizabeth Lacy Gross
Anna Caroline Patel
Allison Weldon Adkins
Hannah Elise Gross
Avi Patel
Sarah Grace Adolphson
Riley Marie Grube
Deeya Patel
Thelma Aguilar Gutierrez
Liana Lise Guarneiri
Disha Patel
Andrew Cole Agur
Brianna Grace Guess
Dutt Bharatkumar Patel
Firoza Ahmed (Ria)
Grace Gumpert
Khushali Patel
Shamir Syed Ahmed
Casey Synclair Gunn
Kosha M. Patel
Almina Ahmetovic
Khushi Gupta
Krush Patel
Ashley Marie Ake
Priyanka Gupta
Lisa Patel
Nicholas Matthew Akin
Stella Gurin
Maitri Patel
Hunter Christopher Akins
Kaitlyn N. Gurley
Nancy Kumari Patel
Temitayo Akinsanya
Anna Rosemay Gustafson
Neeli Jayendra Patel ’21
Kelsey Marie Albertini
Ana I. Gutu
Nish Patel
Jack Albertson
Lora Katherine Gwatney
Pooja Daxesh Patel
Emily Rose Aldredge
Summer Nicole Haag
Richa Patel
Skylar Aledia
Riley Habegger
Ronak Dadhania
Helen G. Alejo De León
Grace Sutton Hackett
Saachi V. Patel
Mary Trent Alexander
Avery Hacklander
Simran B. Patel
Morgan Sierra Alexander
Allison Haddock
Autumn Danni Patten
John Thomas Alford
Shayla E. Hadziahmetovic
Joshua Patten
Nichols Alfred, III
Nolan Hagadone
Susan Paudel
Alexa Al-Hameed
Ray Haggins
Gavin Paul
Amir Ali
Faizah Nafisha Haider
Acy Paulk
Mohamed Ali
Olivia Leigh Hair
Mallory M. Payne
Haleigh Allario
Carley Hale
Olivia Rhoades Payne
Bryant Edward Allen
Caitlyn Haley
Thomas Payrhuber
Claire Allen
Frederick Peterson Hall
Ciro Pazmino Zurita
Farin Allen
Jillian Grace Hall
Gable Peacock
Jakob B. Allen
Jordan Bradley Hall
Andrea Lauryn Pearson
Jimmy Allen
Kayla Marie Hall
Caroline Carden Pearson
Jon Allen
Natalie R. Hall
Mackenzie Pearson
Katherine N. Allen
Olivia Rose Hall
Grace Peavy
Kristin Allen
Lainee Hall
Kristy Peck
Madeline Allen
Thomas Hall
Hunter Pedersen
Paige Allen
Hunter Halloran
Jordyn Faith Pedersen
Sarah Allen
Katherine Hally
Makayla D. Peebles
Sevana Allen
Tatiana Hamade
Walker Preston Peed
Haley Allison
Jamie Hamilton
Brice Cole Peeler
Christopher Altman
Jessica Hamilton
Jake H. Peljovich
Mary Helen Altman
Elizabeth Hammond
Bailey T. Pelletier
Frida S. Alvarado Valle
Charese Amanda Hammond
Jocelyn Peña
Alana Alverson
Tessa Hammond
Clay Pender
Nipuna Ambanpola
Niclas Hammontree
Sarah Penkava
Liliana M. Amirhosseini
Jack Hampton
Katie Pepperman
Sid Amonchomchupong
Jackson Hancock
Eliseo Peraza De Paz
Alexis Yolanda Anderson
Katherine M. Hanes
Cameron Perchik
Allyson B. Anderson
Cooper Hanft
Andrew Perciaccante
Claire Fleming Anderson
Kristen Nicole Hankins
Manuela Perdomo
Drew Edward Anderson
Will Hankins
Sebastian Perdomo
Edward Thornton Anderson
Amani J. Hannah
Anna Beatrice B. Perez
Eleanor Lee Anderson
Devyn Hannon
Samantha E. Perez
Mary Brett Anderson
Alexa Hansen
Sophia Pérez
Jacob E. Andrade
Allie Hansen
Anthony Perrotto
Amaja Andrews
Sydney Hansen
Michael Todd Perry
Christian Faith Andrews
Samantha Rose Harberg
Amanda Persten
Eleanor Carlton Andrews
Alexandra Elaine Hardin
Ciara Tatiyana Peterkin
Kevin Michael Andrews, Jr.
Justin Quade Hardin
Andrew Peters
Robert J. Andrews
F. Joseph Hargadon, IV
Chad H. Peters
Daniel Catalin Andronesi
Kenzie Harms
Haylee Peters
Elizabeth Angel
Stephanie Nicole Harms
Kathryn Michelle Peters
Alexis Anguiano
Benjamin Thomas Harner
Braden Peterson
Danielle A. Antwi
Austin D. Harper
Charley Pettigrew
Chidimma Anunobi
Michael Harrell
Bre'Ana Pettway
Milyazim R. Anvarov
Brandon Harrelson
Dustin Khanh Phan
Tahiya Anwar
Jackson Harris
Huy T. Phan
Audrey Anyakwo
Jordan Tyler Harris
Yoong Sheng Phang
Michelle Anyanwu
Tyler F. Harris
Alexis Katherine Phillips
Margaret Hill Apperson
Emily Claire Harrison
Cami Phillips
Aidan Rex Ardell
Joanne Gina Harrison
Dakota Phillips
Perry John Ardell
Sarah Grace Harrison
Daniel Kane Phillips
Raiyan Arman
Rachel Elizabeth Hart
Sydney T. Phillips
Mallory Armstrong
Katie Hartigan
Drew Philo
Rachel Armstrong
Dublin Hartin
Allison Phipps
Spencer N. Arndt
Sarah Hartley
Teresa J. Piazza
Ashley Susanne Arneson
Chase Hunter Hartman
Tallie Pietragallo
Carli Arnett
Emily Hartman
Lauren Alexis Pike
Jerry Bryant Arnold, II
Alex Hartmann
Meghan K. Pike
John Roland Arnold
Katherine Hartness
Alejandro Pineda Catalan
Joshua Arnold
Faith E. Harvieux
Caroline Pinson
Crystal Arreola
Madison Cooper Harwell
Benedito Pinto
Nicholas Parker Arrowood
Madison Daisy Haschak
Nick Piotrowski
Emelynn Arroyave-Lopez
Justin Nicholas Haskew
Camille Pitchford
Audrey Noelle Asis
Ansley Brooke Hatcher
Sydney E. Pittman
Lia Assefa
Davis Emory Hatcher
Erica Janay Plant
Cole Darin Aukes
Rebecca Ann Hathaway
Haley Player
Trevor Daniel Ausburn
Selitha Dedey Haudey
Hannah Carol Pless
Payton Alexis Aussin
Kristen Haupt
Amberly Rose Plummer
Brianna Lei Austin
David Hauser
Koeba Selena Plummer
Timothy Joseph Avella
Matt Haverland
Mallory Plunkett
Wulang Adam Avicenna
Charles B. Hawkins
Samantha Poffenberger
Lauren Elizabeth Avidano
Paul Austin Hawkinson, Jr.
Sarah Polizzi
Johan Avila Rubio
Ben Haws
Margaret Holly Polk
Kayla Avila Calderon
Camille Hay
Isabella Ponzi
Edem Avoke
Brenna E.E. Hayes
Tate Poole
Alexandra Awad
Grace Hayes
Jesse Gordon Pooler, III
Kelsi Ayers
Stephanie Hayes
Diana Porcello
Marcus Stephens Ayers, Jr.
Sydney Hayes
Amber D. Porter
Elias Joseph Ayoub
Andy Hayes
John Matthew Porter
Colin Adekunle Babalola
Gabrielle Haynes
Morgan Alexis Porter
Carly Ashlyn Bachism
Rebecca Jean Hays
Shelby Portner
Natalie Bacome
Carrie Rose Hazard
Eric Michael Posas
Emma Elizabeth Bacon
Lindsay Head
Peyton Pose
Natalie Jane Baddour
Taylor Hearn
Kamryn Poss
Abigail Baeckeroot
Luc Joseph Hebert
Claire Powell
Samantha E. Bagley
Elizabeth Smeenge Heiden
Jeff Powell
Matin Bahmanabadi
Ani Heineman
Landon J. Powell
Allison Rose Bailey
Leah Gabrielle Heit
Rachael Powers
Carson Sydnei Bailey
Sophie Benay Heit
Surendra R. Prajapati ’21
Helen Kate Baird
Robert Bailey Hellem
Meaghan Pressnall
Jacob Mitchell Baker
Simona Paige Hellinger
Taylor Pressnall
Joshua Scott Baker
Asia H. Hemphill
Sylvia Claudia Primm
Joanna E. Bakey
Anna Delaine Henderson
Collin Martin Prindiville
Bhavya Bakshi
Eddie Henderson
Mary Collier Pritchett
Nicole Dancz-Bal
Mia Tityana Henderson
Peyton Pritchett
Morgan Baldwin
Rachel E. Henderson
Nikolas Propes
Britney Bales
William Clark Henderson
Matthew Protsman
Sara Balian
Eric Alan Hendricks
Adam Prusik
Morgan A. Balice
Meghan K. Henry
Peyton Puckett
Amara Catherine Ball
Zaria Marie Henry
Wes Purcell
Griffin Nathaniel Ball
Justin Andrew Hensley
Joshua Glen Purvis
Yvette R. Ballard
John Herman
Rachel Q. Puvvada
Ashley Balter
Alexa Grace Hernandez
Mason D. Pyles
Valerie D. Bampoe
Gwynneth Hernandez
Ciara Pysczynski
Brandon Banke
Sam Hernandez
David Qiu
Michael C. Banks
Jack Parker Herring
Bruno Quevedo Tejada
Richard "RJ" Banton
Taylor Hersh
Jennifer Quezada Villa
Jackson Alexander Baraff
Lin Hervey
Elizabeth Quilliams
Christian Mark Baran
Benton Matthew Hess
Carter Hamilton Quinn
Trace Baranowski
Peter S. Hess
Katie Quinn
Meredith Barber
Anna Hester
Madison Nicole Rae
Rebecalyn C. Barber
Demi Kristen Hester
Trent Rafferty
Brandon Barker
Jack David Hester
Tori Ragan
Morgan Ferrell Barksdale
Elizabeth Heuser
Jaquarius Keshawn Raglin
Chirré Barksdale Barron
Kathryn Elyse Hewitt
Grayson Williams Ragsdale
Frankie E. Barnes
Bridie Hibbler
Divya Rai
Jessie Barnes
Riley Hice
Wesley Scott Rains
Andrew Barnett
Kierstin Ajaden Hicks
Mackenzie Rainwater
Gillian Barrett
Sophie Maris Hiersteiner
Tanin Rajamand
William Brannon Barrett
Anna CassaundraRae Higdon
Emily Carolyn Randall
Trent Barron
Abigail Faith Hightower
Nekeisha Lynne Randall
Emma Barroso
Avra Meaghan Hill
Sahjvir Randhawa
Betty Barsic
Samantha Hill
Phillip Norman Rankin
Skylar Marie Barth
Taylor Thomas Hill
Sanjana Rao
Cameron Bartlett
Virginia Hill
Sureya Rapley
Ashley Barton
Zachary D. Hill
Kerrighan Frances Ray
Katherine E. Barton
Brooklyn Hilley
Luke Ray
Nicholas Bartosz
Taylor L. Hillhouse
Josh Rayfield
Benjamin Barwick
Sarah Hilliard
Anna Janae Rayford
Bella Scout Bass
Richard Thomas Hills, Jr.
Abir Raza
Nicholas Trent Batchelor
Adam Himes
Brooke A. Raziano
Naveen Brahman Bateman
De'Yana Nicole Hines
Danny Wayne Reagan, III
Mary Lenon Bates
Maggi Reese Hines
Dylan Reece
Calie Ann Batson
Caroline Juliette Hiott
Annalise Reed
Eva Bauer
Sommer Alexandria Hipple
Caitlin Elizabeth Reed
Olivia Bauer
Allyson Hirsch
McKenzie Reed
Brooke Nicole Bauerkemper
Sara Jane Hitt
Joshua J. Reeder
Joshua Beadles
Christy Kim Ho
Baily Colleen Reese
Chloe Beall
Emberly Ho
Christiny Reeves
Andrew Darcy Byrd
Jacob Austin Hobbs
Georgiana Lee Register
Jessica Beasley
Madison Hobbs
Kylie Reh
Leo Beaudoin
Gracie Hobby
Kaitlyn Reichart
Chelsey Beck
Ryan T. Hochworter
Analla Kiran Reid
Grayson Catherine Beck
Daniel Martin Hodell
Tayla Reid
Jaclyn Marie Beck
Jacqueline Hodges
Julia Grace Reilly
Camille Marie Becker
Robert Joseph Hodges
Elinore Reingold
Jalen Beckford
Leslie Lynn Hodnett
Andrew Phillip Renfrow
Morgan Beckham
Emma Leeann Estes Hoffman
Marc Renner Andreu
Brayson H. Beinke
Philip Hoffman
Brooke Reno
Brianna S. Beldon
Drew R. Hoffmaster
Annabelle Sydney Resnick
Caroline Grace Bell
Brady J. Holbrook
Samantha I. Retana-Garcia
Harrison Bell
Josie Holcomb
Hannah Reuther
Latia Margrianna Bell
Aspen Bailey Holeman
Annaliesse Reyes
Latravia Brenique Bell
Madison Suzanne Holland
Jason Reyes
ShaDonna Nicole Bell
Alexander Howard Holmes
Taylor Nicole Reyes
Joseph Benken
Ja'Von A. Holmes
Carson Reynolds
Joshua Bennafield
Julia Dare Holmes
Seth W. Reynolds
AnnaLynne Bennett
Margret Addison Holmes
Skylar Marie Rhame
Caralee Bennett
Kieren Leland Holmquist
Tommy Rhodes
Emma Kam Bennett
Brandon Holtz
Michael Anthony Riccio
Jaclyn M. Bennett
Makayla Delise Holyfield
Aaron Rice
Lily Grace Bennett
Danielle Holyoke
Allison Marie Richards
M. Thomas Bennett, III
Emily Honeybone
Amber K. Richards
Alexa Benson
Chelsea Hong
Joshua Richardson
Blake Benson
Kelly Honkanen
Lee Thomas Richardson
Samuel Benton
Britney Angelie Honoré
Molly Richardson
Maci C. Benveniste
Colin Zachary Hoover
Rylie Richardson
Monica Berg
Holden Grace Hopkins
David Riddle
Colin P. Bergen
Jared Hopkins
William D. Ridge
Samuel Berman
Lindsay Campbell Horn
Jack Morris Ridley
Carynlee Berry
Adar Horowitz
Murphy Cox Rief
Lane Berry
Tyler Lauren Hortman
Brian Riera
Marshall Berton
Lucas Huntley Horton
Luke Rigby
Alexandra Betz
Sydney Horwitz
Flynt Rigdon
Duyan Beyan
Andrew Damian Hoskins
McKenna Rigdon
Amelia Jane Bibler
Haley Hosty
Clay Rigsby
Rachel Anna Bick
Trevor G. Houghton
Abigail Rimmer
Victoria Rose Bigbee
Benton Hounshell
Erin Caroline Riney
Cassidy Bigham
Kaylah Alyse House
Haley Rink Stephenson
Grant Bilderback
Matthew Houser
Daisy Rios Ramos
Bryce Kennen Bird
Sarah Kate Houston
Madison Ristroph
Savannah Grace Bird
Hailey Hovda
Philip Thomas Rivaldo
Elizabeth Bisges
Alyssa Christine Howard
Alexander Rivard
Carter D. Bishop
Madison Elise Howard
Nicole Catherine Rivera
Tilly Maine Bulpin Bishop
Joshua Monro Howe
Danielle Rizak
Danielle Bissel
Elizabeth Lauren Howell
Kacey Bailey Roberson
Conner Bradford Bissell
Ansley Howze
Makayla Roberson
Hailey Bittles
Danielle Hoyle
Brittany Roberts
Sarah Grace Blackwell
Ku Htaw
Collin Wesley Roberts
Micah John Blaho
Chris Mu Htoo
Sarah Grace Roberts
Harrison Blair
Yongchao Huang
Abigail Kathryn Robertson
Hayleigh Eileen Blair
Daniel Linden Huber
Sally J. Robertson
Victoria J. Blaisdell
Madison Huberman
William J. Robertson
David J. Blakes
Skylar Hudson
Amia Simone Robinson
Shane Ethan Blalock
Gabrielle Noel Huff
Cori Alexander Robinson
Laurabeth Bland
Margaret Huffman
Emma Eileen Robinson
Austin Tyler Blase
Elizabeth Anne Hugenberg
Claire Robinson
Willie Blevins
Anna Hughes
G. Walker Robinson
Anna Marian Block
Brantley Anne Hughes
Hannah A. Robinson
Kylee Bogumill
Harrison Hughes
Heaven Leigh Robinson
Adrianne Michelle Bohlen
Khloe Amina Hughes
Katiejoy McNair Robinson
William Cody Boles
Sarah Elizabeth Hughes
Lindsay B. Robinson
Alyssa Bolick
Kennedy Elizabeth Hugo
Mackenzie Robinson
Julia Elizabeth Boll
Annika Marie Hultin
Mikhayla Robinson
Clarissa N. Bond
Edward T. Hunda
Tyler Tanette Robinson
Sarah Elizabeth Bonds
Hannah Rachel Hunsinger
Lizbeth Robles
Ally Bonfield
Tate Hawkins Hunsinger
Craig R. Rodgers
Fernanda Bonilla
Helen Hunt
Huntley Austin Rodgers
Alaina M. Booth
Clayton Hunter
Riley L. Rodier
Georgia Anne Booth
Cole Jackson Hunter
Diana Rodriguez
Nathan Borden
John Clinton Hunter
Joshua Rodriguez
Coulter Bostick, Jr.
Jack Hunter
Sophia Rodriguez
Madeline Bostick
Kaci Hunter
Thomas Rodriguez
Jacob Bosworth
Kathryn Merle Hunter
Magee Evelyn Roe
Logan JiaLi Bott
Taylor Hunter
Kate Marie Roemershauser
Yazan Adam Bouchi
Kendall Anderson Huntt
Allison Ann Rogers
Rebecca Boulware
Emma Husakiwsky
Brooke Rogers
Emily Ann Bourque
W. Alex Huskey
Rita Gabriela Rojas Perez
Anna I. Bowen
Adam G. Hutchinson
Arianna Romero Flores
Daylon Bowen
Daniel Whitaker Hutto
Ansley McKenna Roper
Erika Brittany Bowen
Abbey Huynh
Rachel M. Rose
Mikel Jeremiah Bowers
Asmah Ahmad Mir
Aaron Rosenberg
Connor Bowler
James Hyun
Shahrzad Roshan Zamir
Andrew Houston Bowles
Malaya Ilustrisimo
Alexander Henry Ross
Sarah Bowman
Pravalika Irukulla
Alexandra Ross
Brooke Bowmaster
Morenike J. Isola
Ali Ross
Lucy Boyadjis
Rachel Grace Ivester
Jalyn T. Ross
Abby Boyan
Jay Ivey
Molly Anderson Ross
Calvin Boyd
Michala Faith Ivy
Sydney Ross
McKenzie Lynn Boyd
Ariyan Elizabeth Jackson
Bria Ross-Butler
Lauren A. Boyle
Libby Jackson
Suley Rostro
Meredith Jordan Boyt
Giulia Clara Jackson
Catherine Roth
Daniel J. Bracco
Landin Jackson
Kathryn Mae Rothenhofer
Hugh Morgan Bradley
Rebecca Jackson, Ph.D.
Clare Anne Rottenborn
Cameron Brake
Savannah Joyleen Jackson
Deandra Rowe
Lauren Brakke
Emily Suzanne Jacobs
Michael Rowe
Addison Bralick
Jessica Jaconetti
Turner M. Rowe
Humayra Bramblett
Bita Jadali
Hanna Rae Rowell
Jaeden X. Brame
Anya L. Jaffer
Kayleigh Rowell
DeCarlos Dre'on Branch, Jr.
Malvika Jain
Sydney Beatrice Rowell
Christopher Inman Brandon
Ava C. Jakel
Chase Rowland
Emily Ruth Brandon
Chelsea Virginia James
Kurtis Royalty
James Braswell
Preston Jamieson
Katie Mariah Rubino
Andrew Thomas Bray
Enaara Jariwalla
Sophia Ruggieri
Sydney Brazile
Maanasa Javangula
Brendan Ruiz
Grace Carlyn Brewer
Keshavkiran Jayagopi
Katherine Ruiz
Hannah Brewer
Kristy Jebavy
Danielle Tori Ruland
Micaela Nicole Brick
Alexandria Jefferson
Dalton B. Rupinta
Sarah Bridges
Brooke Jeffries
Riley N. Ruppel
Matthew Briesemeister
Ethan Jennings
Jack Rush
Chandler Michelle Brinson
Julie Heejin Jeon
Michaela Rushing
Jackson Britschge
Sydney D. Jerman
Ashley Brooke Russell
Jordan Britt
Kathryn Jernick
Haley Catherine Russell
Makenna Britt
Jason Jillella
Jack Russell
Andi Grace Brock
Joshua Jimenez
Patrick McFarland Russell
Avery Jayne Brock
Garrett Lane Jimmerson
Thomas Lennon Russell
Jackson Lee Brock
Grant Jimmerson
Andrew Russo
Mary Evelyn Brock
Yuxuan Jin
Kaitlyn Rutledge
Sean M. Brock
Colin Jinks
Zachary Kenneth Rutt
Angel Brooks
Haley Joffre
Mitchell Ryan
Kylie Raine Brooks
Christopher Johan
Josie Claire Ryder
Natreece Emonie Brooks
Benjamin Victor Johanson
Caroline Danielle Rykard
Andrew Brown
Jackson K. Johanson
Grant Rylee
Anna Claire Brown
Albert Johary, Jr.
Stephanie Nicole Rylee
Brian Brown
Jeffery John
Sneh Sadaria
Caitlyn Nicole Brown
Abby Johnson
Jack Sadighian
Chandler Holden Brown
Bailey Michele Johnson
Ryan Sadighian
Christopher Frank Brown
Brent Oliver Johnson
Morgan Eileen Sager
Elissa R. Brown
Skye Johnson
Youssef Said
Emily Lynn Brown
Cedric Deshon Johnson, II
Dariona Sain
Frances Brown
Evan L. Johnson
Stacy Saintine
Haley Anne Brown
Gabriella M. Johnson
Hannah Saji
Haley Locklin Brown
Graham Cole Johnson ’21
Nur Wael Ahmed Salama
Heather Nicole Brown
Jamison Bryce Johnson
Jacob Salaski
Izabelle Brown
Kyya M. Johnson
Alejandro Salazar
Kaitlyn Ann Brown
Leslie Claire Johnson
Hailey Sales
Kelly Brown
Logan Johnson
Lauren Elizabeth Salter
Kelsey Meeler Brown
Madeleine Johnson
Brett Daniel Salyers
Kelsie Brown
Morgan H. Johnson
Lindsay Sammon
Khemisha Brown
Morgan Johnson
Parth Sampat
Logan Wesley Brown
Nicholas J. Johnson
Prashanth Sampathkumar
Mikala M. Brown
Noah Johnson
Julie J. Samsel
Nevaja McKinley Brown
Russell Moss Johnson
Zachary F. Samuels
Noah Zachary Brown
Shanise Kimberly Johnson
Hannah Michelle Sanchez
Reagan Brown
Tia Calhoun Johnson
Kenneth Sanchez
Vittoria Brown
Margaret Spence Johnstone
Mariela Sanchez-Vargas
William Tyler Brown
Anna Marie Jones
Julieta Sanchez Flor
David Patrick Brownlee
Benjamin Jones
Patricio Mejorada Girault
Mackenzie Alexandra Bruce
Caitlin Breshay Jones
Jackelin Pamela Sanchez
Madelyn Bruce
Camden Rae Jones
Taylor Kay Sanderlin
Elizabeth Bruehl
Camille Elise Jones
Colin J. Sanders
Griffin Brumbelow
Coleman Robert Jones
Olivia Madison Sanders
Jesse Elizabeth Brunson
Danielle Murray Jones
Paten Brice Sanders
Alicia Louise Brusenhan
Eli T. Jones
Pierce Sanders
Elise Makenna Bryant
Emily Carter Jones
Kadie Lynn Sanford
Karli Bryant
Erica S. Jones
Anneliese Sannes
Tucker Reese Bryant
John Paul Jones
Caitlin Vannessa Santos
Austin Andrew Bryson
Julianne Grace Jones
Paulo Andre Santos
Chase Buckley
Kaylan Tytiana Jones
Alexis Santoyo
Jaquan Buckner
Laney Jones
Angel Sarpong
Jessica Budwitz
Miranda Denise Jones
Anna Blair Sarsfield
Caroline Bufano
Nicholas E. Jones
Alyson Newman Satisky
Trang Thi Phuong Bui
Olivia Louise Jones
Peyton Leigh Satterfield
Alexander V. Buie
Ransom Alexander Jones
William Grayson Satterfield
Preciosa Angela C Bulauan
R. Marshall Jones
Carley Ann Saul
Raley Bull
Sidney Jones
Daniel P. Saul
Molly McKenna Bullard
Sydney Stafford
Jamie E. Saunders
Spencer Bullard
Thomas Jones
Courtney Elise Savignano
Wes Bullington
Wallace Wade Jones
Camille E. Sayles
Amber Bullock
Xavier D. Jones
John Conor Scanlon
Mackenzee Kaye Bumgarner
Bailey Jones Baldwin
Austin Scarbrough
Bethany Bunce
Abby Jordan
Emmierose Scates
Claire Bunn
Imani Jakyia Jordan
Jillian Leigh Scelsi
Benjamin J. Burch
Maddox Jordan
Allison Scheman
Timothy Chase Burdette
Margaret Ferrell Jordan
Bethany Rose Schenck
Elizabeth Burgess
Eva Claire Jourolmon
Alexandra N. Schepers
Delaney Michele Burke
Gabriela Juarez-Rodriguez
Joel Evan Scherr
Ellette Burke
Faeez Imtiaz Juneja
Jacob F. Schiele
Ally Burkhalter
Colson Brooks Jurick
Emily Schild
Anna WeiMin Burkhart
Jessica Kafka
Jennifer Leigh Schmelter
Elijah Burnette
Anvitha Kaguturu
Kristen Schmidt
Gillian Burns
Smith Elizabeth Kaiser
Allison Taylor Schmitt
Lydia Burns
Cheyenne Mujean Kajan
Christian Schmitt
Aaron Joshua Seth Burras
Omkar Kale
Mary K. Schmittou
Jalen O'Brien Burton
Zachary Kalet
Kyle Schnitzer
Samuel Chase Burton
Michael Andre Kallab
Phillip Schumacher
Madelyn Bush
Abigail Kammerer
Madison Schumm
Malorie Bush
Sreekar Kanaparti
James Garrett Schuster
Matt Busse
Ayoko Sylvie Kangni
Emma Blake Schwartz
Theresa Abigail Bustin
Kanumuri V. N. Sankeerth
Randall Schwartz
Brenna Butler
Kara E. Kanuse
W. Hayden Schwartz
Coleman Byers
Nathan Karalexis
Bella Sci
Kira Marie Byrd
James Karanja
Isabelle Scoggins
Madison Amelia Byrd
Bimal Karki
Chris Sconiers, Sr.
Alanna Grace Byrne
Alannah Karr
Marnagee Scott
Hayley Elizabeth Byrne
Sawaiz Kashif
Morgan Janae Scott
Quinten Byrne
Haley Marie Kasnic
Cate Scruggs
Hyemi Byun
Sushanth Kathirvelu
Wyatt Lee Scruggs
Drew Byus
Joshua Katich
Marlena Sculac
Francesco Cabibi
Neha Kattoju
Vicki Scullion
Caroline Caden
Jackson Katz
Zaniyah Sealey
Loren Alyssa Cagle
Sydney Kaufmann
Maggie Sears
Patrick Caiaccio
Alexandra Kaye
Tris Sebesta
Jefferson Lynch Cain
Britney Kazibwe
Paige Sechrest
Will Cain
Destin Delaney Kee
Haley Morgan Segars
Daniel Calderon Romero
Brian Robert Keefer
Langley Seibert
Madison Calderwood
Kiersten Ann Keegan
Cameron Thomas Self
Chandler Call
Caroline Keesee
Mary Cameron Selle
Candace Ann Callahan
Jessica Louise Keever
Kyle A. Sellers
Harris Callaway
Mary Katherine Keilman
Alexandria Ruth Sells
Cierra J. Calloway
Pauline Keller
Zaharia A. Selman
Camille Campbell
Shea Kelley
Isabella Seminara
Davia Yanique Campbell
Flynn M. Kelly
Brandon Michael Semones
Megan Emily Campbell
Ian Kelly
Ashley Oury Senghor
Michael N. Campbell
Jake Matthew Kelly
Kylie Sengpiel
Natalie A. Campbell
James Rouse Kelly
Sloane Sengson
Juan E. Campos
Karis Ann Kelly
Joseph Marco Seta
Sara Camuso
Patrick John Kelly
Nina Scarlett Severino
Cristen Canavino
W. Thomas Kelly
Riley L. Sewell
Christina Marie Canellos
Jeffery Qi Kelsch
Sarah Chandler Sewell
Tanner S. Cantlay
Catherine Q. Kemeness
Alexandra Seymour
Cameron Davis Cantwell
Benjamin Kemp
Lauren Alexa Sgro
Nicolette Piper Capalbo
Melville Kenn
William A.W. Shadle
Mattie Capehart
Gabrielle Kenny
Jackson Shaffer
Kaitlyn Carannante
Mary Louise Kenny
Ankita Shah
Justin G. Cardona
Isabella Kerbers
Eshan Sandip Shah
Maria Cardoso
Grace Kerner
Rahi Shah
Nicholas Carlin
Matthew Kessler
Sanisha R. Shah
Kelly Dyane Carlisle
Zachary W. Keung
Vyom Shah
William Drew Carlisle
Tyler Jason Key
Jessica Catherine Shaklee
Amanda Carlson
Afia Labib Khan
Ido Shani
Isabella Celeste Carlton
Rayyan Khan
Noelle Shank
Rachel N. Carlyle
Rumeeza W. Khan
Bradley H. Shanker
Henry Carmical
Saba Khan
Symaria R. Shans
Rebekah Dianne Carnes
Anahita Khoshmehr
Matthew Shapiro
Kayleigh Anne Carney
Priyanka Khote
Molly Shapiro
Addisen Carraway
Morgan A. Kidd
Olivia S. Sharp
Lucas Antonio Carreno
Destiny H. Kieu
Lilly Sharples
Christopher Carringer
Caroline Kiker
Dillon Sharpton
Kylea Carroll
Dylan Christopher Kilgore
Benjamin Shaver
Madison Carroll
Andrew Charles Kilpatrick
Ryan Aleksandr Shaw
Payton A. Carroll
Da Eun Kim
Remi Josephine Shea
Caroline S. Carson
Gyu Beom Kim
Sydney Sheahan
Craig Carter
Hee Ju Kim
Nate Shear
Brooke Carter
Joy Juhee Kim
Devin Sheats
Chyna Carter
Sehwan Kim
Sydney Danielle Sheehan
James R. Carter
Max Kimble
Catherine E. Sheen
Kelly Nicole Carter
Alex Drip King
Lior Shefler
Louis A. Carter
Andrew Joseph King
Addison Quinn Shelt
Michael William Carter
Brian Alexander King
Farzan Shenavarmasouleh
Natalie Lynn Carter
Christiana King
Gabrielle Kriston Shepard
Amanda Cascio
Kayla King
Jordan Alyse Shepard
Cynthia Elaine Casey
Kirby King
Chandler Lynn Shepherd
Elizabeth Anne Cashion
Mikayla King
Hailee June Shepherd
Allison Grace Caso
Serena King
Hailey Sheppard
Grace Hannah Cason
Ryan Kioumehr
Ahmed Abdulgader Shetewi
Virginia Cleo Cason
Thomas Scott Kirbo
Rehna R. Sheth
Randi K. Cass
John Kirby
Lindsay Shewalter
Matthew Jacob Cassada
Kaileigh Louise Kirk
Omar Shihadeh
Katie Cassidy
Holden Grant Kirkconnell
Emma Grace Shirkey
Ivanna Castaneda
Kalee Belle Kitchens
Naomi Shneibaum
Marley Hamby Castleberry
Kailee Kittle
Katie Leigh Shockley
Dayana Castrejon
Josh Kitzrow
Madison Shope
Alexandra Catalano
Swezen Kizito
Cape Shore
Kaitlyn Catapano
Laurel Knapp
Nikki Shotz
Danyel Cateau
Margaret Knauss
Mitchell E. Shreiner
Lauren Danielle Cato
Aleksandar Knezevic
Shubhi Shrivastava
Lola Catoe
Ellie Knight
Abbigail Shrontz
Lindsay Caudell
Sophie Knoll
Brian Premo Shrum
Nikko Allen Cayetano
Kayla Knolmayer
John H. Shumaker
Dania Cecilio-Roque
Nikki Knox
Elizabeth Dylan Shutt
Jack Cenatempo
Kamayla Ko
Jacqueline Louise Shutt
Katelyn Cha
Nai Fang Ko
Jamie Siegmann
Anika Chaganti
Madison Koenig
Hannah Sik
Catrina Chamberlain
Carolyn Ann Koepke
Martha Payne Sikes
Gracie Chambers
Brendan T. Koerner
Sydney Taylor Sileno
Noah J. Champy
Fehintola Kofo-Idowu
Connor Gentry Simmons
Stephanie Chan
Amanda Leigh Komasinski
Bailey Simpkins
Tiffany Chan
Aidan Komendantov
Emmaline Amber Simpson
Jason Chang
Isaac Konigsmark
Mackenna M. Simpson
Liliana Belle Chanler
Ansley Grace Konkle
Savannah Simpson
Kayla Chanthavisith
Connor Michael Koscevic
Ciara Elese Sims
Toby Chapeau
Benjamin Koschella
Kennedy Elle Sims
Caroline Chapman
Neha Kotike
Stefanie Paige Sims
Chloe Christina Chapman
Dr. Lyla Kotsch
Rachel Sinclair
Cole Chapman
Michelle Lauren Kovacek
Tannar Singer
Jayla Alexis Chapman
Shane Kozusko
Jackson D. Singletary
Ryan Michael Chapman
Savanna Kraft
Amanda Marie Sinning
Jada Danielle Character
Kylie Kratt
Mary Sinsheimer
Thomas Alexander Charyton
Andrew Krauser
Jhon Sisneros
Emory Macklayne Chastain
Grace Elizabeth Kreul
Shophine Sivaraja
Yogesh Govind Chaudhari
Timothy Edward Kreul
Emma Grace Sivills
Yasmine Chauhan
Zoe Simone Kreyenbuhl
Cassidy Rae Sivils
Jyoti Chavan
Daniel Krolick
Ellie Skeen
Cammie Chavez
Cameron Delaney Kruse
Jamie Skilling
Angela Chavez-Rueda
Julia Maryanne Krzeminski
Mary Kate Skilling
Jack Chavous
Tyler Kuczmanski
Rachel Skinner
Ayesha Iman Cheema
Abigail Jackson Kudilil
Gracie Skinner
Porsche Chen
Andrew L. Kuebel
Amanda Ruth Slappey
Tiffany Chen
Kyle Sunder Kumar
Caroline E. Slate
Yingxu Chen
Manav Kumar
Brooke Sledge
Cynthia SunBin Cheong
Erin Susannah Lauren Kuny
Jillian Marae Smalls
Clarence L. Cheung
Jaeyoung Kwon
Taylor M. Smallwood
Abigail Jordan Childers
Daniela Rosalia La Madrid
Madison Smeeton
Alexus Chism
Alessandra L’Abate
Aaron Asael Smith
Kyra Chism
Trisha Thanh Lac
Annabelle Smith
Jess Cho
Garrett Lacina
Audrey Smith
Sung Min Cho
Maliya Domingo Lacuzong
Brieanna Smith
Jeewon Choi
Richard Ramsay Evan Ladd
Caleb Smith
Jiwon Choi
Autumn Jane Lafferty
Cameron McKenzie Smith
Leah M. Choi
Kate LaGrandeur
Carmen Olivia Smith
Ruby Christensen
Grace Caroline LaGrange
Casey E. Smith
Mackenzie Chumley
Daniel J. Lagroon
Christopher Jordan Smith
Adam Patrick Chung
Cameron Fitzpatrick Lahey
Drehanna B.E. Smith
Andrew Neil Chung
Annaleigh Grace Laine
Elizabeth Grace Smith
Hayden Duke Chunn
Ariba I. Lakhani
Grace Smith
Bridgette Ann Churbock
Arsalan Lalani
Ethan Daniel Smith
Nina Cisic
Cheyenne Lambert
Franklin T. Smith
Abigail Locsin-Clark
JohnCee Mekaya Lampkin
Grayson Ernesto Smith
Anna Clark
Eleanor Lancaster
Harrison B. Smith
Brittany L. Clark
Tre Austin Lance
Taylor Smith
Carly Adriana Clark
Ryan Arath Landaverde
Jared P. Smith
Caroline E. Clark
Erica Elizabeth Landry
Jeremy Anderson Smith
Christopher Allan Clark
Savannah Caitlyn Lang
Jeremy Smith
Dawson Wayne Fields
Anthony Langdon
Kate Smith
Diamond Clark
Nurie Seung Langlois
Katina S. Smith
Mary Cate Clark
Sloan Lanier
Kayla Smith
Jenah Clarkson
Miller Lee Lantis
LaFarrah D. Smith
Tori Clay
Christina M. LaPlaca
Langley E. Smith
Christopher J. Clements
Valerie LaPlaca
Lawson Smith
Oliva Ann Clements
Elena LaRoss
Linzi Hayden Smith
Autumn Rahyne Clemons
Alexander Larsen
Grant Smith
Michelle Clendenen-Shaw
Morgan Latham
Rand Smith
Drew Cleveland
Isabella Gray Lathbury
Ransome Thornton Smith
Kennedy Jordan Cleveland
Ethan Latty
Samantha Smith
Savannah Haley Cliatt
Jonathan B. Lauria
Savanna Smith
Jake Cliett
Brett Allan Laurin
Terrance Dewayne Smith, PhD
Spencer S. Clifford
John Michael Law
Tierra C. Smith
Sabrina Elizabeth Cline
Clayton Michael Lawing
Kanyon Smith
Sarah Elizabeth Cline
Christina Marie Lawler
William Taylor Smith
Justin Clinton
Russell William Lawless
Sarah Smoak
Madison Nicole Cloer
Brianna Morgan Lawrence
Kelly Christina Smoltz
Rena Trinity Clowers
Anthony Lawson
Presley Sneed
Abigail Cobb
Ethan Lawson
Audrey Snow
Mary Grace Cochenour
Thomas Saunders Layton, Jr.
Jackson Maxwell Snow
Hunter Dale Cochran
Madeline Le
Taylor Paige Soares
Jimmy Herschel Cochran
Vy Thao Hoang Le
Lena Soenke
Jordan Addison Cochran
Erin Leigh Ledbetter
Fatema Sojiwala
Stevie Danielle Pierce
Hannah Ledford
Michael Raymond Sokenis
Ryan Cockes
Annette Lee
Jennifer Soleymani
Alexis Coffman
Clint Lee
Zianya Madeline Solis
Michael Cogan
Danielle Lee
Jack Solomon
Mikaela Cohen
Jeonghoon Lee
Manthan Sonawane
Scott Benjamin Cohen
Lucy Mayson Lee
Brooke Spaeth
Brianna Lindsey Coleman
Ryan H. Lee
Kevin Spann
Corinne Elizabeth Coleman
Samantha Lee
Rebecca Speed
James Matthew Coleman
Seunghyun Lee
Brittney Spek
Dwight Stephen Coles, III
Soomin Lee
Danielle Lauren Spera
Dominic Adam Coletta
Yeongjae Lee
Joshua Spiller
Caroline Dell Collier
Dawson Boone Lehman
Bryce Spivey
Joan MaryJohn Collier
Shania Leiba
Hannah Diane Spratt
Samantha Lee Collier
Sydney Leiter
Kathleen E. Sprow
Andrew J. Collins
Katie Lemon
Ellie Squires
Kaitlyn Collins
Grace Lennon
Sara Stackpole
Samantha Collins
Emily Marie Leonard
Gerald Stacks
Matthew P. Colquitt
Cody A. LePage
Sarah Grace Stafford
Serenity H. Colson
Sophie Katherine Levine
Isabella Stakem
Jace Combs
Elyssa Lee Levitt
Charis Eunji Stanfield
Kaleb Jawon Comer
Emily Clara Levitt
Hailey Nicole Stanford
Owen Sellers Condon
Amelia Bliss Levy
Corey Stapleton
Ansley Kathleen Connelly
Barak Levy
Murphy Stark
Caroline Elizabeth Conner
Sam Levy
Jennifer J. Knight
Cooper C. Contardo
Sara Riane Lewis
RaeAnna Starosciak
Jacey Conti
Jess Adelina L’Hommedieu
Daniel Patrick Staton
Caelen Javier Contreras
Andy Li
Matthew Jonathan Steel
Madeleine Cook
Angel Li
Nicole Elizabeth Steel
Makina Cook
Jesse Li
Jacob Heaton Steffen
Paige Cook
Katelyn Josephine Li
Aliana Stehr
Preston Clay Cook
Weidong Li
A.J. Steinhauser
Ashton Niles Cooper
Xingyi "Cynthia" Li
Ainsley Kate Stephens
Jake Cooper
Yuxin Li
Ashley Marie Stephens
James Dylan Cooper
Zhongbo Li
Cheyney Rhea Stephens
Jorja Cooper
Sherry Yan Liang
Cole Sterck
Maleigha Selina Cooper
Zhuoxuan Liang
Benny Sternberg
Mariah Alonna Cooper
Amanda Linda Light
Bret Mitchel Stettler
Brandon Thomas Cope
Emily Ligon
Rachael Hampton Stevens
Daniel Copetillo
Nathaniel Stephen Lim
Summer D. Stevens
Matthew Isaac Corbett
Daphne Lin
Anna C. Stewart
Karson Taylor Corbitt
Mu-Yin Lin
Ava Nash Stewart
Catherine J. Corfah
Halle Anne Lindsey
Holland Stewart
Lizabeth Correa
Lauren Kathryn Lindsey
Kennedy Jaden Stewart
Sal Corridore
Hannah Links
Camille Y. Steyaert
Pilar Sofia Corso
Yating Liou
Mary Catherine Stiles
Oscar Cortes-Gonzalez
Jessica J. Lipinski
Jessica Lynn Still
Tiffany Dannelle Cota
Alden Lisse
Riley Stillwagon
Hayley Cotton
Ashley Little
Mallory A. Stinchcomb
Kenneth Matthew Coulter
Kesley P. Little
Madeleine Lee Stoffle
William Michael Coulter
Christopher M. Littlejohn
Emily Danielle Stoker
Heather Nicole Countryman
Haiying Liu
Sarah Stone
Lily Courchaine
Kexin Liu
Cecily Stoute
Jacqueline Courtesis
Sherri Hancel Livingstone
Raegan Strasser
Tyler Courtney
Leja Lizunaite
Mary Starlyn Street
Kobie Cowan
Daniela Llarena
Rachel K. Strickland
Keya Coward-Cateau
Zachary T. Lloyd
William P. Strickland
Bailey Elizabeth Cox
Courtney M. Locke
Shantisa Nicole Strowder
Julianna Bauer Coyle
Foster Loftis
Lacy L. Stuart
Thomas Crabb
Rachel Loftus
Karen Jane Stubbs
Katie Crabtree
Rebekah Danielle Loftus
Emily Studdard
JaMia Aivera Craft
Devin Logan
Katie Stueck
Jackson Donald Crate ’20
Shelby Logan
Amy Su
Joanna M. Creason
Connor Lombardi
Constance Marie Sullivan
Donni-Margree Crenshaw
Birdie Lombardo
David Gates Sullivan
Christen Joyce-lyn Crews
Courtney N. Long
Grace Sullivan
Mark Steven Crews, Jr.
Kelly Long
Megan Kathleen Sullivan
Adriana L. Cristea
Lindsey Sarah Long
Olivia Sullivan
Ruben Cristea
Madeline Long
Sara Katherine Sullivan
Alise Dawn Crittendon
Mary-Margaret Long
Katherine Sultzer
James L. Crocker
Tayelor Lou Long
Yupeng Sun
Anastasia Nichole Croft
Elena Marie Lopez
Emma Catherine Surber
R. Katherine Croft
Ellen Georgia Lopez
Mobley Grace Surface
Hayley Mae Croke
Michael Lopez
Britney Kayla Surrency
Carley Cronic
Camryn Lopusnak
Jessie Sutko
Jordan Crook
Cristian John Loris
Takaya Suzuki
Ashley Crooks-Allen
Maxwell Lorrain
Taylor Lynnae Swain
Mackenzie Powell Crooms
Jacob A. LoRusso
Leo Swanger
Caroline Croucher
Sheila Lorusso
Hunter Lee Swartz
Jonathan Crouse
Dillon Loubser
Isabella Sweat
Phoenix Crowe
Ericka MacKenzie Louden
Hannah Porter Swilling
Alyse Crowley
Rayvon D. Love
Brandon Swint
Anna Nicole Crowley
Mary Lovegrove
Corey Sword
Logan Crump
Sydney Loverde
Sharaf Syed
Jaimee Lee Crumpler
Noah Thomas Lowe
Griffin Everett Sykes
Dylan A. Cruz
Priscilla Lozada-Aguayo
Katherine Symons
Esmeralda Cruz
Tessa Laura Lucarini
Elizabeth Grace Szink
Melanie Cruz
Jackson Lucas
Abbey Szopinski
Ricardo Antonio Cuervo
Julia Morgan Lucas
Ashley Szopinski
Isaiah Cuffey
Megan Lucente
Erin Cassidy Tackett
Kennedy B. Culbertson
Alejandra Luis-Cruz
Rosen Tai
Addy Cullum
Rachael Lyne Lukacs
Andrew C. Tait
Alice Rebecca Culpepper
Carson Luke
Kara Talcott
Elizabeth Grace Cummings
Joanna Lummus
Nikita Tallapally
Andersen "Andi" Cunard
Rachael Lupton
Sarah Tallman
Ciarra Lenae Cunningham
Haley Elin Luther
Delaney C. Talty
Kayla S. Curry
James Braden Lynch
Justine Tan
Alexandria M. Curtis
Christina Cameron Lynes
Danny D. Tang
Katherine Czarick
Meredith Lynn
Shiwei Tang
Mounata Dahal
Mackenzie Olivia Lyon
Ally Tankersley
James Dailey
Tavia Y. Lyons
Mackenzie Tanner
Jordan Elizabeth Daly
Yue Ma
Wanda Elise Tanner
Savannah C. Daly
Josie May MacAulay
Elise Tanyel
Katie H. Dang
Reese Taylor Macdonald
Delaney Tarr
Tiffany Dang
Thomas Reese MacMillan, II
Ari Lee Tatum
Alana M. Daniel
Peter Macri
Lucas Tavares
Amanda Carolyn Daniel
William Jacob Maddox
Nicole Veloro Tayag
Olivia Daniell
Lahari Madineni
Ansley Nicole Taylor
Parth Darji
Zoe Faith Madlem
Ashley Marie Taylor
Austin N. Darnell
Patricia Madrzyk
Austin Ryan Taylor
Mary Katherine Darwin
Eric Mahaffey
Caroline Elizabeth Taylor
Jenna Dasher
Brandon Kenneth Mahone
Delaney Taylor
Mary Morgan Dasher
Casandra Westh Maier
Jonathan Taylor
Aryaman Dass
Nyia B. Mainor
Micaela Taylor
William DaVanzo
Steven B. Majors
Valdina Tchoute
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Lucas Davenport
Cara Nicole Malark
Benjamin Matthew Telenko
Audrey Nicole Davern
Carter David Malcolm
Caroline Temples
Abigail Rose Davis
McKinley Reese Mallory
Keyri Teran
Alaina D.E. Davis
Anna Katherine Manley
Sterling Landon Terranova
Andrew Davis
Katy Stephens Manley
Adrian Terrazas-Vicencio
Callie Davis
Chassidy Chantea Mann
Avery Terrell
Danielle Davis
Matthew Manzi
Julia Terrell
Imani Davis
Christina Mapp
Kaitlyn Dawn Terrell
Jacob Davis
Jalen Alexander Marchand
Drew Miah Teston
Kerrie D. Davis
Cristina Maria Marciales
Haley Thain
Maggie Davis
Simon Amos Marcus
Kaushali Sunil Thakker
Matthew Austin Davis
Shelby Elyssa Markeles
Srijana Thapa Magar
Miller Ann Davis
Caroline Markey
Justin N. Theurer
Rebekah Mays Davis
Emily Marks
Ciera M. Thomas
Taylor D. Davis
Georgia Ann Marks
Louis Michael H. Thomas
Isabelle Davis-White
John Carter Marks
Madelyn Thomas
Alayna McKenzie Daws
Sean Marley ’21
Mary Dianne Thomas
Kaitlyn Mary Dawson
Matthew Marlow
Moriah Heaven Thomas
Davis Alexander Day
Alina Marosek
Olivia Taylor Thomas
Sagan T. De Castro
Max W. Marquardt
Quntravious Thomas
Meindert Geart de Haan
Andreas S. Marsh
Sophia Thomas
Gabriella Jolie de la Vera
Titiana L. Marsh
Stephen Mark Thomas
Leslie De Santos
Kevin Dwyer Marshall
Tristen Thomas
John Gilmer de Soto, Jr.
Kyleigh V. Marshall
William Chase Thomas
Rachel Noel Deal
Caitlyn Anne Martin
Joseph Palmer Thombs
Katy Dean
Emma Grace Martin
Cri’Shon Thompson
Ashlyn DeCarlo
Gabrielle Mykah Martin
Gareth A. Thompson
Justin Defalco
Grant Scott Martin
Katie E. Thompson
Isabella Defelippi
Hunter R. Martin
Katherine E. Thompson
Joseph DeJianne
Joel Martin
Katie McKenzie Thompson
Andrew Wallis Delaney
Miles E. Martin
Natalie Thompson
Valeria Delgado Cornejo
Noah Stone Martin
Briah Thompson-Carter
Christopher R. Dellaria
Rebecca M. Martin
Mac Thomson
Olivia Glen DeLoach
Sam Martin
Greer R. Threadgill
Megan Riley DeRusha
Tyler Buck Martin
David Thrower
Sarah E. Detwiler
Isavictoria Martinez
Evan Tichenor
Drake Dever
Rafael Martinez
Alexandra Tilkin
Pavan Devraj
Madeline F. Martinson
Dionna Tilley
Alayna Rene Dhanani
Emma Marvil
Marissa Katelyn Tillman
Drew Scott Di Francesco
Maxwell Maslia
John Kel Timbrook
Jonathan Asiel Diaz
Johna Massaquoi
Danielle Irene Tirocke
Lilli Dickens
Adam Lee Massey
Vishakha Tiwari
Nina Talia Dickerson
Mary Lou Masters
Kassie Nicole Todd
Morgan Dickinson
Mitchell Mastin
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Rylee Dickinson
Lauren A. Mathis
Jessica Elise Tomasello
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Jaylyn Matthews
Aubany Marie Tomsovic
William Kase Diehl, IV
Madelyn Maurer
Meghan Toomey
Caroline Elizabeth Diem
Cassandra Mauro
Tiffany Grace Torchia
Brianne Kathleen Dier
Katherine Maxwell
Nathaly Torrealba
Michaela Alane DiGiovanni
John Hudson May
Jacob Matthew Townsend
Taylor Dill
Emily Catherine Mayfield
William Hunter Townsend
Sarah Anne Dillon
Eric Mayo
Casey Lauren Trammell
Kimberly Dills
Kayleigh Renee Mays
Kayla V. Tran
Christopher R. Dionglay
Kenyè Jamari Mays
Linda Thi Tran
Desirae Dixon
Julia C. Mazel
Ngoc-My "Michelle" Tran
Quintin Christopher Dixon
Chloe Hart Mazurek
Phuong Loan Nguyen Tran
Theresa Ann-Maria Dixon
Lianna Marie McAuliffe
Thao Vu Thanh Tran
Laura Do
Amanda Marie McBay
Elise Marie Tranovich
Michelle Nhan Do
Lindsey McCabe
Emma Joanna Traynor
Kamryn A. Dobbins
Dayle Lauren McCallar
Henry Traynor
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Letetia McCallum
Kiara Susej Trejo
Nikki Dodson
Mariam McCarley-Bedichek
Marlon Trejo Núñez
Whit Doherty
Connor McCarthy
Claudia Trejo Valenzuela
Sydney Marie Dollar
Anna-Leigh McCartney
Ivan Trendafilov
Daniela Dominguez Rodriguez
James S. McClellan, III
Katherine Jane Trotter
Connor Donnelly
Anna McClendon
Brandon Justin Trowel
Spencer Dooley
Madison G. McCloskey
Christina Tsangarides
Allison Doss
Kerri Alicia McClure
Anna Bryce Tucker
Samuel E. Dotson, IV
Ian McConnell
Annalise Tucker
Kendal Dougherty
Lydia Danielle McCoy
Caroline Tucker
Jacob Douglas
Gavin Wilson McCraw
Ella Tucker
Ida Dowlatpanah
Emilie Madisyn McCumbers
Jillian Tucker
Emma Atkeison Downey
Elizabeth Lee McDaniel
Lucy Tuggle
Connor Andrew Downing
Mariah McDaniel
Sam Tuggle
Molly Downing
Ryan McDaniel
Terrell Hill Tuggle
Dayna Marie Drake
Phelan Rae McDevitt
Mary Kate Tumelty
Melissa Nicole Drake
Kimberly D. McDonald
Ayanna Nicole Turner
Jessica Drewke
Tryggvi Pierce McDonald
Brooklyn Hannah Turner
Haley Drexler
Katherine Grace McDowell
Cassie Turner
Alana Driskell
Julian McElhaney
Daelyn Adia Turner
Hallie Maya Driskell
Dedan McFadden
Hallie Turner
Joshua Driskell
Matthew Ivan McFadden
Leighannah Turner
Christopher Drmacich
Mary Claire McGarr
Leilani Turner
Kyle W. Drury
Chase Alexander McGee
Rebecca G. Turner
Adam Duckwall
Michael Calvin McGraw
Sage Turner
Colleen Dugan
Ella McGregor
M. A. Caines Turnipseed
Sean Matthew Dugan
Mary Claire McGuigan
Taylor Cole Turoski
Sabrina Dumanowsky
Steven Fred McIntyre
Bay Leeanne Twilla
Jennifer Leigh Duncan
Paden McKendrick
Dyna Ty
Delano Dunkley
Caroline Masdon McKeon
Lauren Tymchuk
Rickey Le Duong
Susan McKibben
Venelsa Uboh
Haley Durden
Bailey Michelle McKinney
Caroline M. Umila
Alexandria Durning
Kayla Janay McKinney
Crystal N. Umila
Makenzie Dye
Patricia Marie McLeer
Maegan Underwood
Mary Lyn Dyer
Grace Walker McLeod
Savanna Underwood
Taylor William Dyer
Logan Alyssa McLeod
C-Jay Upchurch
Walker James Dyson
Mahlon McLeroy
Morgan Upchurch
Layne Dziwoki
Madison McManners
Sarah Urbanski
Oksana M. Dzyuma
Griffin McMillan
Mykayla Usher
Logan R. Eagle
Harrison McMillen
Saxton Cole Usry
Ansley Earle
Katherine Grace McMinn
Kathryn F. Uthman
Evan Eastabrooks
John Douglas McMonigle
Abigail Uzzell
Grace Anne Eberhard
Zoe Hannah McMullan
Christina Valencia
Jordan A. Eberhart
Ashley Candler McMunn
Maura Grace VandeWiele
Lillian Eddy
Eloise McNair
Victoria Vanderpool
Victoria Edmands
Ariel Alexis McNulty
Cayla Jean Vanderzanden
Aidan Aisling Carter
Hayden McPeake
Devin VanDeWark
Brandy Dorothy Edwards
Nicolette McPharlin
Jessica Lauren Vann
Catherine Carson Edwards
Mary Lee McQuigg
Jacob Vargo
Emily Anna Edwards
Olivia McWhorter
Jessica N. Varnell
Laney Elizabeth Edwards
Robert McWhorter
Ayushi Vashishtha
Lauren Paris Edwards
Matthew Meadows
Ashley Whitten Vasile
Leah Elyse Edwards
Dominic Mecomber
Jasmine Vasquez
Afokeoghene Gimbiya Egberi
Tablow Shwan Media
Catherine Ann Vaughan
Jodie Ehorn
Stefanie Medrano
Quillen Faith McKinney
Lindsey Michelle Eichhorn
William Meehan
Jacob I. Vayle
Emilee Madison Eickhoff
Allison Mehler
Madison E. Veal
Leaha Maree Eidman
Rebecca Mejia-Espinoza
Ricky A. Veal
Sy Robert Anthony Eimer
Trevor Melehan
Emily Vega
Alyssa Kaitlyn Eldredge
Carolina Melendez Declet
Claudia Vega-Castillo
Wassim El-Jeaid
Tyler Jacob Mello
Sydney Veilleux
Zachary Charles Ellington
Grant Palmer Melville
Rina Elaisa Velasco
Cassady A. Ellis
Joshua Melvin
William Deleon Velazquez
Emma Ellis
Madison Mitchell Melzer
Cristina Velaz-Conty
Kristin Virginia Ellis
Adalberto Mendez
Rachel Velez
Caleb Michael Ellison
Alcein Mendoza
Evan R. Venable
Natalie Jeane Ellison
Kacie Mercado
Claire Ann Venenga
Caroline Embleau
Raye Claire Merlin
Lauren Veness
Ikponmwosa Enabulele
Joshua Eli Mermelstein
Sanjana Venkat
Emily Ann Engeland
Rebecca Merriken
Lexus Paulette Verge
Annalise Enloe
Micah Mesecher
Bennett Vest
Anna Kate Ennis
Megan Brianna Meszaros
Christopher Vicente
Margaret Leigh Enright
Garrett M. Meyer
Allison Vick
Carolina Enriquez
Jack Meyer
Truman J. Vick
Kayla Samson Epps
Pamela Walker Michna
Charles Vickery
Olivia Erickson
Hollis K. Midkiff
Sarah Vidyasagar
Jeffrey Erisman
Hannah Mikula
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Nick Milavec
Suvitha Viswanathan
Banks William Ethridge
Kyrie Miles
Zach Vitelli
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Abby Moss
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Keyrell Wingfield
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