Scared girl

With Halloween right around the corner, here are 10 things that scare UGA fans

With Halloween around the corner, we’ve built a list of 10 things guaranteed to scare UGA fans … from wearing orange to Alabama quarterbacks, let us know what’s missing from the list!

1. Wearing orange and blue

Bulldog fans can agree this color combo needs rethinking.

2. Noon kickoffs

Noon games with thousands of fans sweating during a typically hot and humid fall in the South? No thanks!

3. Being ranked No. 1 at the start of the football season

Being an underdog gives the Junkyard Dawgs room to rise to the occasion.

4. Seating in Sanford Stadium

With a 92,746-seat capacity, making room for friends and family can be stressful.

5. Misspelling Dawgs or referring to the Arch as “The Arches”

True UGA fans know that “Dogs” is not the preferred spelling and that the Arch is singular–not plural.

6. Alabama backup quarterbacks

The backup QB spot somehow manages to save Alabama time and time again.

7. Forgetting the words to “Glory, Glory”

We promise we won’t tell anyone.

8. Leaving before the fourth quarter of a night game

Don’t miss the red glow, twinkling cell phone lights and the Redcoat Band’s rendition of Krypton!

9. Sideline penalties

The Bulldog Nation’s unsung hero is Scott Sinclair, director of strength and conditioning and Kirby Smart’s “get-back” coach.

10. Uga overheating

UGA fans want to protect this good boy at all costs. That’s why Uga’s on-field home is a permanent, air-conditioned doghouse with a bag of ice to chill on during even the hottest Saturdays in Athens.