Celebrate UGA’s national championship with a themed background

Since we won the national championship, we’ve been looking for any excuse to show off a little. If you’re like us, these customized backgrounds should help do the trick. 

We created six national championship-themed digital backgrounds for you to use during your Zoom/virtual meetings. Celebrate on the field with Kirby Smart and confetti or present beside the championship trophy. Whatever you choose, your meetings will burst with Georgia pride!  

Don’t know how to set a background? Don’t worry! 

If your computer is compatible with Zoom backgrounds (most are), follow the steps below to show your Bulldog pride.

  1. Select your favorite background images and save them to your desktop to make it easier to find during this process.
  2. Open Zoom and click the gray gear icon in the top right corner below your profile. *Make sure you are on your Home tab on the menu at the top of the application.
  3. Settings will open in a new window. On the right menu, click Background & Effects. *The icon is turquoise and looks like a person on a computer monitor.
  4. Click the gray plus icon in the right center of the window, and then click Add Image. Navigate to the background you’ve chose, select it and click open. *Make sure you are on your Virtual Backgrounds tab on the menu under your video display.
  5. The background will appear alongside all the other virtual background images on Zoom. Make sure it is selected before you close your Settings, and you’ll have a new championship background! *If your background looks like it’s backward, be sure to uncheck the box next to Mirror my video under the virtual background images in Zoom.

Rather have something more classic? 

We have other UGA-themed backgrounds to choose from, as well as several seasonal options. 

Want more ways to support athletics? 

Consider donating to the UGA Athletic Association to help UGA student-athletes achieve both on and off the field.