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Update your alumni data while social distancing

What a crazy few weeks for our campus, our state, the country and the world. The COVID-19 outbreak has affected each of our daily lives – and our thanks go to those who are serving in roles that allow us to remain healthy, safe and well-fed.

During this time, our team is prioritizing communications to alumni and friends about updates to events and programs UGA had scheduled, as well as building a list of opportunities for alumni and friends to support our Bulldog Family during this challenging period.

At the same time, our team also is continuing projects that don’t require in-person contact and might even offer alumni a way to engage without leaving the safety of their sofas, desks or porches.

One such project is our alumni data verification and directory project that we launched in early March. We have partnered with Publishing Concepts (PCI) to publish a 2021 UGA alumni directory, and we need your data to be confirmed by September 4.

Therefore, while you are at home during the coming weeks, why not go ahead and call PCI if you haven’t yet? They’ll prompt you for the information they need and it will only take a few minutes of your time. We should add: their staff members are incredibly nice! This is a chance to exchange some positive greetings virtually during a trying time. That’s the Georgia way, right?

So before you return to watching that Netflix show, cooking dinner, or telling the kids to stop fighting for the 1000th time, please go ahead and call 866.277.2051. PCI is looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks – and GO DAWGS!

Have questions about this project? Our FAQ page might answer them.