UGA Vet Med alumni step up to welcome 2020 grads to the profession

Like all UGA schools and colleges, the 2020 College of Veterinary Medicine convocation did not happen in person this month. So, in an effort to celebrate these new DVMs (Doctors of Veterinary Medicine), Vet Med enlisted the help of 65 alumni to send hand-written congratulatory notes to each new graduate, and to share fun videos.

There was a delightful welcome from Sugar Hill Animal Hospital (see photo above), featuring West Hamryka (DVM ’90), Kristie Johansen (DVM ’12), Jonathan Bentley (DVM’13), Jennifer Schuler (BSA ’04, DVM ’07) and Layne Doggett (BSA ’12, DVM ’18). Unfortunately, we can’t share it here since it features copyrighted music, but here are some  of the other creations developed by proud UGA alumni:

Beyond these messages of encouragement, all of Vet Med’s alumni have been supportive of their alma mater since UGA transitioned to online courses. Check out this stirring “finish strong” message from Trey Callahan (DVM ’19).

Are you a UGA College of Veterinary Medicine graduate interested in supporting students, faculty or fellow alumni during these trying times? Email Ellen Sims, CVM’s assistant director of alumni relations.