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San Diego Chapter Scholarship Fund

The San Diego chapter has established their own scholarship to provide financial assistance to students from their area.

Give to the Scholarship

The Road to Athens Challenge

Endowing a need-based scholarship for a local student

Top Schools and Colleges

  1. Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
  2. Terry College of Business
  3. Mary Frances Early College of Education
  4. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  5. College of Agricultural and Environmental Science

By the Numbers

Alumni: 1,090

Parents: 94

Current Students: 6

Local Events

(all times local)

Other Events

The Road to Athens Challenge

Endowing a scholarship for a local student

We want students from our area to go to the greatest campus on earth. The road to Athens is sometimes uncertain for promising local students, which is why we want you to join us establishing this scholarship for them.

When you become a UGA donor, and you help us reach our alumni donor goal for the area. When we meet that goal, the UGA Foundation gifts us an additional $10,000 in support of our scholarship that will forever support UGA students from our area.

Join us for as little as $5, so spread the word and give today!


Did you know that by graduating from the University of Georgia, you are automatically considered a “member” of the UGA Alumni Association and our local alumni chapter?

There are more than 1,040 alumni and friends living in the area. Help us keep the Bulldog Spirit alive here by attending an event or getting involved in the community. Join the listserv and update your contact information so we can keep you informed of activities in your area.

The San Diego Chapter includes the following California counties: San Diego, Imperial and Riverside. Everyone is invited to participate in local events regardless of his or her place of residence.

Chapter Leaders

Tara Shah

Tara Shah

Amiee Handfinger

Amiee Handfinger

Vice President
Antonio White

Antonio White

Director of Communications
Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson

Director of Social Media
Joe O’Meara

Joe O’Meara

Director of Professional Engagement

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