The Jerry Tanner Show – Week 8, 2022: Florida

Florida’s rebuilding, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some bite. Ignore the orange behemoth on the horizon—we’ve got Gator to cook.

The Dawgs have some great games coming up that are sure to produce some unforgettable moments. Experience those moments in the best atmosphere outside of the Hedges by going to a UGA Alumni game-watching party. Go to to find a party near you.

Jerry Tanner is everyone you’ve ever met at a UGA tailgate, everyone who’s ever talked about Georgia football by your cubicle, and every message board poster who claims to have a cousin who cut Vince Dooley’s grass. He’s a UGA alumnus, he’s a college football fanatic with a Twitter addiction, and he’s definitely a real person and not a character played by Clarke Schwabe.