The Jerry Tanner Show – Week 1, 2021: Clemson

We made it! College football is back, and we’re kicking it off by playing that other school from South Carolina. Who was it again? Coastal? Furman? We’ve beat them twice as much as they’ve beat us, I know that. I’m sure it’ll come to me.

There’s just nothing quite like watching a Georgia game with a bunch of Dawg fans, and you can do just that anywhere in the country thanks to our Alumni Chapters’ Game Watching Parties! Go to to find one near you, and you’ll Never Bark Alone.

Jerry Tanner is everyone you’ve ever met at a UGA tailgate, everyone who’s ever talked about Georgia football by your cubicle, and every message board poster who claims to have a cousin who cut Vince Dooley’s grass. He’s a UGA alumnus, he’s a college football fanatic with a Twitter addiction, and he’s definitely a real person and not a character played by Clarke Schwabe.