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RealTalk is a podcast produced by the UGA Mentor Program and, if you haven’t been listening, you’re missing out. The episodes help you gain an understanding of the experience of students from different generations, learn about the positive impact of mentorship and serve as a reference should you or someone you mentor ever experience a similar issue. The good news is, there is time to catch up on the previous season before new episodes come out this fall. To learn more about the UGA Mentor Program or sign up to be a mentor, please visit

Here is what you missed:

Being Black at a Predominantly White Institution – Part 1

Play buttonUGA Mentor Program Ambassador Kyla Edwards (Class of ’22) speaks with UGA alumni Yenu Wodajo (BS ’02) and Jeffrey Brown (AB ’05) about their experiences as Black students at UGA.

Being Black at a Predominantly White Institution – Part 2

Play buttonUGA Mentor Program Ambassador Kyla Edwards (Class of ’22) returns to speak with UGA alumnus Cecil Threat (ABJ ’82) to discuss their experiences as Black students at UGA and within the broader community.

Personal Growth through Mentorship

Play buttonUGA Mentor Program Ambassador Sara Ervin (Class of ’23) and UGA alumna Jasmin Severino Hernandez (AB ’13) discuss being a first-generation and transfer student at UGA, the magic of “no,” the positive influence of mentors and more.

The First-Generation College Student Experience

Play buttonUGA Mentor Program Ambassador Mahi Patel (Class of ’23) and UGA alumnus Will Ngo (BBA ’07 & MBA ’10) discuss life at UGA as first-generation students, expectations of immigrant parents and more.

Imposter Syndrome 

Play buttonUGA Mentor Program Ambassador Bella Sci (Class of ’22) and UGA alumna Cat Hendrick (ABJ ’20) discuss imposter syndrome and how it’s impacted their journeys as students at UGA and beyond.

World Chocolate Day: Q&A with alumni-owned Condor Chocolates

Condor Chocolates store front

The Condor Chocolates cafe located in Five Points. A second location in Downtown Athens is coming soon.

Located in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Athens, Georgia, Condor Chocolates produces bean-to-bar chocolates, confections, gelato and beverages. Brothers and co-owners Peter Dale (ABJ ’99) and Nicholas Dale (BSA ’04) opened the city’s first specialty chocolate shop in 2014 as a homage to the world-class cacao of Ecuador. Visitors can witness chocolate production while indulging in handcrafted desserts. In honor of World Chocolate Day (July 7), we sat down with Peter (a UGA 40 Under 40 honoree back in 2012) to learn more about this alumni-owned chocolate shop.

Peter Dale

Peter Dale, co-owner of Condor Chocolates.

Tell us about your background.

We’re brothers, born, raised and educated in Athens. Nick worked in agriculture after graduating from UGA. His expertise has been invaluable in sourcing beans directly from Ecuador. I graduated with a journalism degree before realizing my passion for food. There’s still a storytelling piece of what we do, which relates to my experience at Grady College. We tell stories through food and beverage rather than the written word.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur from UGA?

Lean into the UGA community for advice, support and a very loyal customer base.

What is Condor’s mission?

We bring people together through delicious and beautiful flavors. Crafted with pride and integrity, grown in Ecuador, made in Georgia, from our family to yours.

What product would you recommend to a first-timer at Condor? 

The affogato! Meaning drowned in Italian, the affogato is a shot of espresso with a scoop of chocolate gelato. The gelato sandwich is also a perfect option for summer! It’s two cookies, filled with gelato and coated with cocoa nibs.

How has Condor grown?

Since opening in 2014, we have expanded chocolate making to the Chases Street Warehouses, allowing us to make more products and reach more people. We also have a new café coming soon in downtown. Check it out!

Can you give us a sneak peek at any new products?

In a few weeks, we’re launching our Bulldog Bark, a milk chocolate bar with dried strawberries, pecans and cocoa nibs. With football season coming up, we’re excited to share a red and black product with our Dawgs.

How can alumni support Condor?

We love seeing alumni at the café. Our Bulldog bars and upcoming Bulldog Bark make great hostess gifts and stocking stuffers. Out-of-state alumni can shop for Condor at

How is Condor celebrating World Chocolate Day?

Every day is World Chocolate Day at Condor Chocolates. But on July 7, we will show our customers the whole chocolate production process from bean to bar.

Checking in with Alumni Board Member Wes Neece

There’s a group of committed UGA alumni who dedicate their time, energy, and financial resources to bringing Bulldogs together year-round, worldwide, and lifelong. These spirited Alumni Board members represent the diverse and passionate UGA alumni family and strive to provide feedback, guidance and leadership as the University of Georgia seeks to ensure that its graduates Never Bark Alone. Throughout the year, we’ll get to know these individuals; they hail from various backgrounds and are involved in all corners of campus. Their goal: to empower the next breed of Bulldog to continue ta tradition of excellence.


  • Wes Neece

I live in:

  • Atlanta, GA


  • 2000 – BBA in Management Information Systems (UGA)

I joined the board in:

  • 2018

Ways I support UGA:

Wes Neece with Home Depot

Wes represents UGA at a Home Depot summer intern networking breakfast in 2018.

My first job after graduation:

  • A computer programmer at The Home Depot

The class at UGA that I enjoyed most was:

  • Intro to Management Information Systems. I love the way that business and technology interact.

What makes me most proud to be a Georgia Bulldog:

  • The fact that our academic reputation continues to escalate!

My family includes:

  • Wife, Becky (BS ’01)
  • Daughters, Rowan and Carlson
  • Dogs, Olaf and Dolly
Wes Neece with his kids

Wes enjoys a tailgate on Myers Quad with his two daughters, Rowan and Carlson.

A special connection I have to UGA is:

  • I met my wife and my best friends there.

As a student, I was involved in:

My favorite place to study on campus was:

  • Law Library— cool, quiet, and close to downtown for when study time is over!

On a Friday night in college, you would have found me:

  • Having one too many at Sons of Italy and Steverino’s

When I was a student, I lived in:

  • Creswell
  • University Commons
  • College Park

My greatest accomplishment as a student:

  • Graduating Magna Cum Laude— I was proud of the balance I struck between partying and school!

My favorite memory from graduation:

  • I only slept for 90 minutes the night before my graduation ceremony. My mom was mortified that I wore flip flops to it!
Wes Neece graduation

Wes wearing his infamous flip flips at graduation in 2000!

A fellow UGA grad who inspires me is:

My favorite tradition at UGA:

  • The Battle Hymn Trumpet solo

When I visit Athens, I have to grab a bite at:

  • The Last Resort

On game day, you’ll find me:

  • Rushing to make kickoff after a kid’s soccer game!

My most disliked athletic rival is:

  • University of Florida— everyone knows that Gators wear jean shorts!

A few of my favorites:

  • Book: Pillars of Earth
  • Podcast: The Daily
  • Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
  • Band: Mumford & Sons
  • TV show: The West Wing
Wes Neece at Rose Bowl

Wes cheers on the Dawgs at the 2018 Rose Bowl.

Favorite alumni-owned restaurant:

No. 1 tip to a graduating Bulldog:

  • There will be higher highs (wedding day, birth of your children, etc.), but know that when you look back at your life, your time in Athens will be one that you long for. You only get one go at this. Make sure you enjoy it!

No. 1 tip to a fellow Georgia grad who has lost touch with their alma mater:

  • Your school has so much to offer you. It gives you a sense of grounding of who you are, who you were and, most importantly, what used to be important to you. A sense of grounding is incredibly important in the chaos that is today. Let UGA be an anchor for you.

Wes, who you might recognize from UGA’s 40 Under 40 Class of 2017, supports UGA in a variety of ways—including being a wonderful advocate at The Home Depot—and we appreciate his ongoing commitment to his alma mater.

Checking in with outgoing Alumni Board Member April Crow

There’s a group of committed UGA alumni who dedicate their time, energy and financial resources to bringing Bulldogs together year-round, worldwide and lifelong. These spirited Alumni Board members represent the diverse and passionate UGA alumni family and strive to provide feedback, guidance and leadership as the University of Georgia seeks to ensure that its graduates Never Bark Alone. Throughout the year, we’ll get to know these individuals; they hail from various backgrounds and are involved in all corners of campus. Their ultimate goal: to empower the next breed of Bulldog to continue that tradition.

April Crow Headshot

April Crow, an outgoing board member and dedicated alumnus.


  • April Crow

I live in:

  • Atlanta, GA


  • 1995 – BS in Environmental Health (UGA)

I joined the board in:

  • 2015

What makes me proud to be a Georgia Bulldog:

  • The community of fellow Bulldogs around the state and the world that are doing great work in their communities. I love interacting with them both socially and professionally.

Ways I support UGA:

If I had $1 million, I would support the _____ fund on campus.

My first job after graduation

  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Coca-Cola

A moment that stood out as a UGA student was

  • I wanted to take Ballroom Dance for one of my P.E. courses, but you could only sign up with a partner. I recruited a good friend named Brian. Who knew that class would spark a little romance that made him my dance partner for life?

My family includes:

  • Husband, Brian (BSAE ’97)
  • Son, Garner
  • Daughter, Greer
April Crow and family at football game

April cheers on the Dawgs with her husband, Brian, and two children!

A special connection I have to UGA is…

  • Throughout my professional career, I have focused a significant amount of time and personal interest in solving the plastics in the ocean challenge. I connected with Jenna Jambeck, a leading academic researcher on the topic and a UGA professor. I’ve had the opportunity to work and speak with her at events around the world. It is great to see UGA contributing to such an important challenge.

A memory from my acceptance into UGA:

  • I remember answering the phone in our family living room during Spring 1991. Wen Williams, associate dean for academic affairs, congratulated me on being awarded a full tuition scholarship from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

As a student, I was involved in:

  • Zeta Tau Alpha
  • College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Ambassador
  • Job at the Tate Copy Center
April Crow in Sanford Stadium

April Crow celebrating the Bulldog 100 with her husband in Sanford Stadium.

My favorite place to study on campus was:

  • Science Library

My favorite place to dine on campus:

  • Bolton Dining Hall –– My best friends and I loved making waffles and topping them with ice cream from the UGA Creamery!

On a Friday night in college, you would have found me:

  • At the Zeta Tau Alpha house getting ready to go downtown!

When I was a student, I lived in:

  • Boggs Hall
  • Zeta Tau Alpha house
  • Apartment at Rivers Edge

My fashion/hair style as a student

  • Floral, puffy sleeves
  • Jumpers for dressing up
  • Sorority/fraternity T-shirts

When in college, I wish I had known that …

  • The time would go by so quickly– I wish I could go back and soak in more of those experiences and meet more people.
April with son and husband

April with her son, Garner, and husband Brian.

The most significant change to campus since I was a student

  • Tate Center expansion!

When this song comes on the radio, I think of college:

  • “Love Shack” by the B-52’s

My most disliked athletic rival:

  • University of Florida

Favorite alumni-owned restaurant:

  • Condor Chocolates

My dream weekend in Athens includes:

  • Tailgating, seeing friends, enjoying lots of restaurants and shopping downtown.

No. 1 tip to a graduating Bulldog:

  • Learn as much as you can. Meet as many people as possible. Leverage the UGA network and give back financially and by helping other Bulldogs!

No. 1 tip to a fellow Georgia grad who has lost touch with their alma mater:

April’s term on the Alumni Board concluded June 30, but we know this loyal Bulldog will remain involved for years to come. Also, be sure to check out a special story about April and Brian’s financial support for UGA. LINK

UGA Alumni Association names new president, board members

The UGA Alumni Association Board of Directors has elected its 77th president, Yvette K. Daniels (AB ’86, JD ’89), and approved eight new board members. Their terms began July 1.

Daniels has been on the board since 2015 and succeeds Brian Dill (AB ’94, MBA ’19), whose two-year term concluded June 30. Her passion for policy, mentorship and relationship-building has guided her career. She spent six years as an assistant state attorney in Florida, and then joined the Georgia Department of Public Health where she has held lobbying and director positions. Today, she is the director of university relations for the Georgia Department of Public Health.

“Yvette is a valued leader among this group of passionate alumni,” said Meredith Gurley Johnson (BSFCS ’00, MED ’16), executive director of alumni relations. “She embodies the spirit of UGA, is committed to the UGA community and goes above and beyond to serve our university.”

The Atlanta native graduated from the University of Georgia in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in political science and in 1989 with a law degree. She resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia, with her husband, Frederick L. Daniels Jr. The couple has two daughters – Kasey is a second-year student at UGA, and Kinsey is a senior at Arizona State University. Daniels will be the first Black woman president of the UGA Alumni Association.

Alumni joining the board on July 1 include:

  • Charlene Johnson Benn (BS ’85), Director of Operations and Technology Strategy, Fiserv; Suwanee, Georgia
  • Ericka Brown Davis (AB ’93), Chief Communications Officer, State Road and Tollway Authority and Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority; College Park, Georgia
  • Deretta Rhodes (BSFCS ’92, PHD ’10), EVP/Chief People Capital Officer, Atlanta Braves; Atlanta
  • Paton Faletti (BBA ’99), President and CEO, NCM Associates; Atlanta
  • Ashley M. Horne (ABJ ’01), Chief Marketing Officer, Womble Bond Dickinson (U.S.); Atlanta
  • Adam C. Johnson (MBA ’16), Director, Jabian Consulting; Atlanta
  • Christian Robinson (BBA ’04), Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase & Co.; Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Marisa “Marsay” Simpson (BSW ’97), Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs, Atlanta Gas Light; Greensboro, Georgia

The executive board members who will serve alongside Daniels include:

  • Lee Zell (AB ’96), Vice President — Account Executive, Turner Sports; Atlanta
  • Bobb Watts (AB ’10), Secretary — Associate, Jones Day; Atlanta
  • Dominique Holloman (BS ’01, AB ’01, MED ’04, JD ’04), Nominating Committee Chair — Government Affairs Manager, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority; Atlanta
  • Stephanie Powell (BSED ’94, MED ’97, EDS ’99), Student Engagement Committee Chair  — Director of Internal Affairs, Joe Powell and Associates, Inc.; Cumming, Georgia
  • Corey Dortch (BSA ’03, MED ’05, PHD ’11), Affinity Committee Chair — Associate Dean, Evening MBA Program, Emory University Goizueta Business School; Mableton, Georgia
  • Cheri Leavy (BSED ’97), Events Committee Chair — Editor/Creative Director/Founder, guide2athens/Bulldog Illustrated/The Southern Coterie; St. Simons Island, Georgia
  • Todd Phinney (BBA ’88), Chapters Committee Chair — Business Consultant-Field Operations, Chick-fil-A, Inc.; Bishop, Georgia

“These new board members represent an array of diverse perspectives and alumni experiences at the University of Georgia,” said Johnson. “Their dedication to leadership and service are invaluable in engaging alumni and inspiring Bulldogs year-round, worldwide and lifelong.”

Board members concluding their terms on the board include:

  • Bill Caldwell (BLA ’97), Smyrna, Georgia
  • Jody Corry (ABJ ’88, JD ’91), Watkinsville, Georgia
  • April Crow (BSEH ’95), Atlanta
  • Shelly Hutchinson (MSW ’00), Snellville, Georgia
  • Lex Kenerly (BS ’78), Jesup, Georgia
  • Luther Lockwood (BBA ’89), Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Bonney Shuman (BBA ’80), St. Simons Island, Georgia

The UGA Alumni Association Board of Directors works closely with UGA’s alumni relations staff to promote, support, and advance the programs and services that are offered to nearly 340,000 living alumni around the world.