Register for Ask Me Anything, an interactive online session between alumni and UGA faculty members from diverse academic disciplines. Experts from UGA will discuss the effects of this global pandemic on their specific area of expertise and provide participants the opportunity to ask questions.

Series Speaker Line-Up

dr ryan cobb

Ryon Cobb

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Tuesday, August 4
3:30 PM EST

Why Does COVID Affect Us All Differently

Dr. Cobb will share and discuss how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting various demographic groups in the United States, specifically how it shapes the health of white, Black and Latino people.

dr smith and seagraves

Carrie Smith & Beau Seagraves

Dr. Beau Seagraves, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Care and Outreach; Dr. Carrie Smith, Assistant Dean of Students 

Tuesday, August 11
3:30 PM EST

Student Care and Outreach: The Hub of Care and Support during COVID-19

Student Care and Outreach provides support and assistance to all students during their time at UGA. Often serving as the “first step” for students, families, faculty and staff, Student Care and Outreach creates networks of support by harnessing the full resources of the university and surrounding community. Join this session to learn more about how to connect with the office and how they can connect students with the people and offices that can help them navigate the complex circumstances related to COVID-19.

Ellen Ritchey


Tuesday, August 25
3:30 PM EST

Music Therapy in the COVID-19 Era: Caring for others, caring for ourselves

Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Music does indeed touch us, both physically and emotionally. That is a fundamental principle of music therapy. Music Therapists, like other allied health professionals across the world, are adapting their treatment approaches in light of the challenges of the new reality imposed by COVID-19. This presentation will feature a brief description of music therapy and how music therapists are responding to the pandemic. Included will be a discussion of ways that everyone can use music as a means of self-care and healing.

dr sochacka

Dr. Nicola Sochacka

Associate Director for Research Initiation in the Engineering Education Transformations Institute

Tuesday, September 1
3:30 PM EST

How are faculty and students at UGA experiencing the COVID-19 crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sudden and significant impact on almost all aspects of daily life in the United States. In higher education, instructors and students have had limited time to adapt to online learning while observing stay-at-home orders and coping with high levels of psychological and, in some cases, financial stress. To help navigate this crisis, the University of Georgia is using a novel research approach, called SenseMaker®, to better understand how faculty, staff, and students in our College of Engineering are experiencing this unprecedented time of uncertainty and change. In thisAsk Me Anything session, I will describe how we are using SenseMaker® to identify opportunities and early signs of risk in our community so that we can continue to deliver high quality educational programs no matter the instructional mode this crisis calls for.

Dr. Grace Gowda

College of Pharmacy 

Tuesday, September 15
3:30 PM EST

COVID-19 Vaccine Development

Dr. Gowdy’s areas of interest include product, drug and vaccine development; regulatory policy regarding the drug and vaccine approval process; and research in the field of neuroscience and mental health. She will share her insights on COVID-19 vaccine development and delivery.

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