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Between the Pages: a virtual book club for the Bulldog community

At the University of Georgia, learning doesn’t end when the diploma arrives in the mail. We are a community of lifelong learners, committed to continued growth and to inquiring into the nature of things. We’re spirited and passionate between the hedges, and between the pages, we’re curious, open-minded, and ready to explore new worlds and voices.

Between the Pages is a virtual book club series for the Bulldog community. Perfect for lifelong learners around the world, this book club is an opportunity to enjoy and discuss works by alumni authors with fellow Bulldogs. There’s no cost to participate and optional discussions will take place on the social reading platform Goodreads, culminating in an exclusive virtual gathering with the author. The virtual meeting details will be emailed to registrants the morning of each event.

Hope you’ll secure your book today and join us in discovering what lies between the pages of these alumni-authored books.


Frequently Asked Questions

What books will be chosen for Between the Pages?

  • Selected books will always be authored by a UGA graduate, but will vary in topic/theme. Nonfiction and fiction books will be considered, and final picks will reflect the varied interests of our alumni family.
  • In My Place by Charlayne Hunter-Gault (ABJ ’63) is the January-March 2021 selection.
  • Past books have included:
    • July 2020: Hello, Summer by Mary Kay Andrews (Kathy Trocheck [ABJ ’76])
    • September 2020: An American Marriage by Tayari Jones (M ’98)
    • December 2020: Stuff You Should Know: An Incomplete Compendium of Mostly Interesting Things by Chuck Bryant (AB ’95) and Josh Clark (M ’99)
    • January 2021: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens (BS ’71)

How do I participate/register?

  • Register online so we are aware you are reading the book. Once you register, you are welcome to participate in optional discussions in our Between the Pages group on Goodreads and you will be emailed a virtual event login link to participate in the author discussion.
  • Don’t worry–we won’t cause a guilt-trip if you don’t finish the book on time—and certainly no quizzes or forcing you to share any opinions or perspectives on the book if you would rather just listen/participate in discussions on Goodreads.

Is there a cost to participate?

  • There is no cost to participate, but registrants will be responsible for obtaining the book on their own.

How do I obtain a copy of the book?

  • We invite you to purchase the book from wherever you typically shop, and in whatever format you prefer—purchased/loaned hard copy, e-book, or audiobook.
  • The UGA Bookstore offers Between the Pages registrants a discount when purchases are made using their discount link (found on the event page for each specific book).
  • Of course, you can also order it from an alumni-owned business such as Avid Bookshop in Athens.

Can non-alumni participate?

  • Of course! The more, the merrier.

Can my children participate?

  • While we cannot always confirm the appropriateness of the book topics for young people of all ages, we welcome you to involve your family members as you see fit.

What if I cannot attend the virtual event with the author?

  • That is not a problem! We hope you will still register to let us know you are reading the book, and you are welcome to participate in ongoing discussions via Goodreads. We will still send you the virtual event login link via email, but there is no pressure to attend.
  • Following each discussion even, we will follow up with a link to a recording of the event so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

What will the virtual event with the author be like?

  • You will only see the moderator and author–so no need to dress up or even put on pants! You won’t be seen by others.
  • A moderator, such a fellow UGA graduate or faculty member, will introduce the book’s author and ask them a few questions about themselves and the book. After this, attendees will be invited to submit questions for the moderator to pose to the author. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, all questions may not be addressed, but we invite you to ask those questions of fellow readers in our Goodreads group.

Who will moderate discussions during the virtual event?

  • The moderator will vary, but will most likely be a UGA graduate or faculty member. The moderator will vary based on the book.

What is Goodreads and how will it be used?

  • Goodreads is a third-party online community of readers and book lovers. There is no cost to join Goodreads.
  • Goodreads is not an official partner of the UGA Alumni Association; it is simply a free platform to foster group discussions of Between the Pages books. Participating in Goodreads discussions is optional and not a requirement to participate in Between the Pages or the virtual event with the author.

I am an alumni author; can my book be featured?

  • We would love to be able to feature all of our incredible alumni authors, but unfortunately will only be featuring one book every-other month as we launch this new virtual book club (six books per year). We will be selecting books based on national/international recognition, appropriateness of topic/theme, and will be aiming to feature a variety of genres throughout the year.
  • If you have recently written a book that you’d like to promote to the UGA alumni family, please email for inclusion in the Class Notes section of Georgia Magazine.

Still have questions? Please email