Announcing new leadership opportunities for alumni

The UGA Alumni Association is excited to announce the launch of two new leadership councils to lead the Young Alumni and Women of UGA affinity groups. Along with the Black Alumni Leadership Council, which launched last October, these groups will engage some of the university’s most dynamic populations.

If you are passionate about building a welcoming UGA community for all Bulldogs, and enjoy helping fellow alumni connect to their Alma Mater, consider volunteering for an affinity group leadership council. Hone your leadership skills, plan the types of programs that you want to attend and create meaningful connections with fellow alumni.

What is the purpose of affinity groups?

Affinity groups were created to nurture a welcoming community for all Bulldog alumni. Not all alumni experience the university in the same way, and affinity groups allow the Alumni Association to bridge the gap between the student experience and the alumni experience for certain populations. The affinity groups will be led by 15-person leadership councils who will steer the mission and programming for each group.

Who can join an affinity group?

All UGA alumni automatically become members of the Alumni Association upon graduation. Any UGA graduate whose interests are aligned with those of the UGA Alumni Association and its affinity groups may join and attend programs. To be considered for the Young Alumni and Women of UGA leadership councils, members must live in Metro Atlanta.

What are the criteria for joining the leadership council for one of these groups?

All leadership council members must be UGA alumni who uphold the Pillars of the Arch– wisdom, justice and moderation. Council members must also attend at least two of the three annual council meetings, participate in the creation of affinity group programming, attend the majority of council events and donate at least $300 per year to the UGA Foundation or other academic pursuits at UGA. For the Young Alumni and Women of UGA leadership councils, members must live in Metro Atlanta.

Learn more about our affinity groups and apply for one of the leadership councils today at