The power of THANK YOU

A recent UGA study found that a key ingredient to improving couples’ marriages might just be gratitude.

“We found that feeling appreciated and believing that your spouse values you directly influences how you feel about your marriage, how committed you are to it, and your belief that it will last,” said study co-author Ted Futris, an associate professor in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Last week, I stopped by my favorite bagel joint en route to work. The gentleman behind the counter remembered my “regular” and had it ready as soon as I paid. I left a generous tip as a thank you for his making me feel like a true “local.”

This morning, Executive Director of the UGA Alumni Association Meredith Gurley Johnson (BSFCS ’00) shared a number of handwritten thank you notes with our team. These were messages from alumni and friends who had attended recent events or been recognized as 40 Under 40 honorees during our luncheon last month in Atlanta. It was a wonderful way to begin a beautiful fall Friday morning.

Knowing the importance of saying thank you, the university strives to foster an “attitude of gratidude” among students, faculty and staff who benefit from the generous support of alumni and donors. We ask them to take a moment and recognize the benefits they enjoy as a result of others’ making a financial gift or volunteering their time. There are donor recognition events such as “Thank a Donor Day,” and numerous emails, cards, videos and phone calls to alumni and friends.

This morning, my team would like to take yet another moment to say thank you. We appreciate the support of so many who believe in the power of this place. UGA changes lives and makes the world a better place. Your gifts help make all of that possible.

Research like the study mentioned above, experiential learning opportunities like the International Genetically Engineered Machine Giant Jamboree in Boston (which the UGA Alumni Association helped sponsor thanks to unrestricted gifts to the Georgia Fund), and so much more.

If you have ever made a gift to the University of Georgia, pat yourself on the back this morning and accept a digital handshake (or hug!) from those of us at the UGA Alumni Association.

(And then watch this special thank you video from this year’s Thank A Donor Day!)

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This blog post was written by Elizabeth Elmore (ABJ ’08, BBA ’08), director of communications.