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UGA builds tomorrow’s leaders with new partnership

The UGA Alumni Association welcomes Vice President Victor K. Wilson (BSW ’82, MED ’87) as today’s guest blogger. He has some exciting news to share regarding a leadership development opportunity for UGA alumni and friends working in all industries.

I am excited to introduce a new partnership that will ultimately benefit students and aspiring student leaders across UGA.

UGA Student Affairs has joined with the renowned Accelerated Leadership Group (ALG) to launch the UGA Academy for Leadership Excellence. This initiative will enable UGA students and other leaders from all fields the opportunity to develop and hone world-class leadership skills, through the latest practice and research, preparing emerging leaders for future growth in their studies and careers.

For UGA students, the Academy will be part of the Center for Leadership and Service, which empowers students to intentionally engage in leadership learning and practice active citizenship. The Academy will also offer cutting-edge leadership training programs for emerging and front line leaders in business and industry, hosted at UGA.

Preparing students for leadership of local and global communities is one of our highest priorities. This innovative partnership promises some of the best leadership expertise and education to benefit UGA students.

Victor K. Wilson
Vice President for Student Affairs
The University of Georgia

For additional information, visit www.ALGleaders.com/UGA.