President Morehead, UGA Athletic Association to support experiential learning

To support the university’s new experiential learning initiatives, President Jere W. Morehead (JD ’80) will personally establish a scholarship fund to help undergraduates participate in and fulfill the new requirements.

The initiative, when implemented in fall 2016, will require undergraduate students to participate in a tailored, hands-on learning opportunity prior to graduation. Undergraduate research, study abroad, service-learning, internships and other high-impact experiences will meet this requirement.

“I believe I have a special obligation to give back to this great institution, which has given so much to me,” Morehead said. “The experiential learning initiative will further enhance the world-class learning environment at UGA, and I am pleased to be able to support this initiative personally through the establishment of a scholarship fund.”

In addition to support from President Morehead, the experiential learning initiative will also receive financial support in the form of a $1 million endowment from the UGA Athletic Association.

“The athletic association has a strong track record of supporting the university’s most important academic initiatives,” said President Jere W. Morehead, “and none is more relevant to the institution right now than this initiative designed to further enhance student learning at UGA.”

The $1 million gift to establish the endowment for experiential learning will bring the Athletic Association’s total contribution to the university’s academic enterprise to $5 million for this fiscal year.

“We are exceptionally pleased to provide these funds that will support the experiential learning initiative,” said Greg McGarity (ABJ ’76), J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics. “It is one of the university’s most important programs being developed and will be a cornerstone in the undergraduate curriculum for years to come. It’s also another way we can integrate academics and athletics on our campus, continuing the strong partnership around programs that benefit the university.”

When the initiative begins, UGA will become one of the largest public universities to provide experiential learning to all undergraduates.