G Book

Class of 2021 G Book

The G Book is the University of Georgia’s traditions handbook.

The G Book, updated each year by a team of passionate student editors, boasts 20 traditions – both old and new – in which students are encouraged to participate. Students are encouraged to preserve the memory of each tradition by snapping a photo or collecting a memento to insert into their G Books. Not only does the G Book document each student’s personal UGA experience, but it helps protect the traditions that make UGA special.

Tradition Keepers

When complete, the G Book tells each student’s personal UGA story. In addition, it identifies the most passionate of Bulldogs.

Students who complete all 20 traditions included in the G Book are among the Bulldog elite and earn the title “Tradition Keeper.” Here’s how:

  1. Dust off your G Book or pick up a new one from the Wray-Nicholson House (298 South Hull Street) on campus.
  2. Review the traditions and identify the ones that you are interested in completing. Plan ahead – some traditions only happen once a year!
  3. Once you a complete a tradition, capture a photograph of the experience or keep a memento that can added to your G Book.
  4. As you complete your traditions, note the following milestones to celebrate your commitment to UGA:
    • After 5 traditions – Official UGA Tradition Keeper button
    • After 10 traditions – Official UGA Tradition Keeper lapel pin (perfect for interviews!)
    • After 15 traditions – Official UGA Tradition Keeper T-shirt
    • After 20 traditions – Personal Tradition Keeper plaque

To check on your Tradition Keeper status and/or receive your award(s), stop by the UGA Alumni Association office in the Wray-Nicholson House or email saa@uga.edu to find out when a SAA Tradition Keeper check-in table will be set up on campus.

View Past G Books

Class of 2020 G Book

Class of 2020 Editors
Callie Dailey (BSFCS ’16)
Reed Turry (BBA ’17)
Erica Williams (BBA ’16)

Class of 2019 G Book

Class of 2019 Editors
Callie Dailey (BSFCS ’16)
William Ferrand (BBA ’15)

Class of 2018 G Book

Class of 2018 Editors
Kimberly Caldwell (BBA ’15)
Nicole Dancz (AB ’14)
Alex Carruth (ABJ ’15)

Class of 2017 G Book

Class of 2017 Editors
Meredith Dean (ABJ ’14)
Hillary Thornton (BSA ’14)
Derek Hammock (BBA ’15, MACC ’17)
Kimberly Caldwell (BBA ’15)
Mica David (BS ’15)

Class of 2016

Class of 2016 Editors
Kate Mathews (AB ’12)
Shari McIntosh (ABJ ’13)
Josh Paine (BSA ’12, MA ’17)
Kenny Lewis (BBA ’13)

View the Class of 2019 G Book

Class of 2015 Editors
Kate Mathews (AB ’12)
Shari McIntosh (ABJ ’13)
Josh Paine (BSA ’12, MA ’17)

View the Class of 2014 G Book

Class of 2014 Editors
Alan Goodno (BBA ’11)
Christie Haynes (AB ’10, AB ’10)

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